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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by arlmil, Aug 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi can anyone help?. My son is going to raleigh in sept but unfortunatley he was involved in a fight and is being charged with assault. He is due in court 1 week before he is due to leave and his lawyer has advised him to say nothing to his afco until we find out what his convictions gonna be.
  2. Agree with his lawyer. Although your son should not attempt to deceive the AFCO in any way,shape, or form. I would strongly recommend that untill he knows what exactley he is been charged with, he should say nothing. If it turns out there are no charges then there is no reason to inform any authority. If, however he even gets just a caution, he would be best to come clean. Otherwise it may well come back to bite him later on.
  3. thanks. His lawyer seems to think if he gets a fine and its done and dusted on the court date it should be okay for him still to go.
  4. Worried Mum

    I think that it is immensely important that you liaise with your son's Careers Advisor on this.

    Please read this:

    BR3: 1034: Post Interview Caution

    All candidates are to be given the following verbal caution about future Police involvement:

    "It is a condition of entry into the Naval Service that should you become involved with the Police, either as a witness or subject to prosecution, you must report the facts immediately to a member of the Careers Staff at this AFCO. Failure to do so may delay your final entry or may be considered as fraudulently withholding information. You are also to inform us if there are any changes in your personal circumstances".
  5. Once again, civilian professionals with no knowledge whatsoever of Service regulations are advising on Service matters.

    He should be told, politely of course, to wind his neck in.

    Listen to Soleil!
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Utter rubbish, his lawyer is clearly a numpty.

    Knowingly witholding information regarding a potential prosecution is a fraudulent application which in itself can result in prosecution by the service for fraud.

    If he doesn't inform the AFCO before the court appearance, he's history anyway.
  7. The Oracle has spoken.

    I rest my case.
  8. If I'm the only one who knows where the body is buried, am I best just keeping it to myself?
  9. shouldnt be getting himself into fights in the first place.
  10. Cant believe a lawyer can give that sort of advice!!!
    time to change lawyer i reckon.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When all's said and done young lads (and girls) do fight.

    The issue is that we would hope an individual joining the Armed Forces was mature enough not to jeopardise their job. Then again, many do even after joining.

    Hindsight is a wonderful gift & I'm not without sympathy for the guy's predicament as I was probably no better at a comparable age. The difference was two-fold: One, I had the good fortune not to be caught doing anything wrong and Two, recreational fighting was not my thing - I'd rather get paid than fined for it.

    If he gets a fine and is over 18, it can be a 5 year bar to entry, so again the lawyer is a complete ignoramus with regard the rehabilitation of offenders act and it's impact on a prospective Serviceperson, so it's probably better to employ one that knows what they are on about.
  12. Quite frankly, if you knew he was going to Raleigh in Sept and hes the sort who perhaps tends to get a little irate when intoxicated, then why the hell did you let him go out on the piss in the first place?
  13. Hardly her fault her son went out and got caught fighting, is it?. If I got nicked for something I wouldn't go blaming my mum for it. :roll:
  14. Dear worried mum if your in a quandary regards who's advice to listen to.

    Solicitor or Ninja_Stoker.

    Go with Ninja - He IS a careers adviser and suggest he knows what he's talking about.

    Ask your sons solicitor what knowledge of naval procedure he is basing is statements upon?
  15. I have PMd Worried Mum but she hasn't picked up the message.
  16. Agree with Zoid. As far as we know the yob could be over 18 so not his mum's responsibility. Even if he isn't she can hardly be blamed for him being a yob.

    Solicitor sounds a waste of space.
  17. Oh jeezus. Another Mum with a numpty son. :roll:
    I can see a trend developing here, are the COs advertising in 'Womans Weekly' or summat? :lol:

  18. Or another caring parent. Is that outside of your wide experience :?:

    Enough drips elsewhere about feral children/adolescents - At least those parents who pop up here seem genuinely interested in the development of their progeny, or is there summat wrong with responsible parenting in your eyes? :wink:

  19. The RN filtering process is pretty thorough but could have been more strict in certain cases. This was only three days ago:

    Attack case judge hits out at 'drink culture'
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The news item above doesn't suggest previous convictions/history, so other than giving him a few tins of Tennents Extra before the selection interview and goading him, it's difficult to gauge 'flash to bang' in a 45 minute interview.

    As said earlier there are people who commit the crime before they join & no shortage of those who do it afterwards, including murderers & drugs smugglers. We already ask them (on the Security Clearance questionnaire) whether they have tried to overthrow any governments or been involved in espionage and/or terrorism. Perhaps we should add an "intent to commit crimes" box with a list of choices. :wink:

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