Worried I'm not fit enough for PRNC


I signed up to join the royal navy in April This year, undertook my initial test and passed for my selected area. Then went on to have my interview which was also successful.
Next was my medical phone call which i initially failed due to donating bone marrow which was fair enough, finally got through my medical then was given my fitness date very quickly afterwards.
My fitness test was 16th October 2018 which i passed by the skin of my teeth (12 minutes 8 seconds), during the run i honestly felt like i could give up any second but made myself push to finish because i knew how far i had already come.

My PRNC is in November and my Joining date in December.
However I am worried that i could fail the PRNC due to my fitness and was just wanting to know how everyone else has been keeping themselves fit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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What is your current training schedule?

How many times a week are you doing 1.5 to 3 mile runs? Are you cycling, swimming, conducting bodyweight exercises?


I'm doing the 1.5 5 times a week atm not swimming nor am i cycling but could start cycling no problem.

I do weight exercises at the gym mainly focusing on upper body and arms but also doing push ups and situps at home.

Signed myself up for some cardio classes at the gym as they are included in the membership so worth it in then end. (signed up for burn it and boot camp)


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I've given advice on this before but even I can't find the old post so I will start again. (I used to coach for a running club).

In order to improve your times you need to put some stress into your running not just churn out the same 1.5 miles at the same pace each time. If you are running on a treadmill try increasing the pace to a level faster than normal for, say, 30 seconds and then jog to recover before trying the same again. If you are running outdoors, warm up and then try to run as fast as you can for, say 2 lamp posts, then jog to recover and repeat until you have covered the whole 1.5 miles. You will undoubtedly find this uncomfortable at first but you have to put effort in if you are to improve and these sessions will help your heart and lung functions get stronger so that you can run your 'normal' 1.5 miles faster and easier. No matter how slowly you run at the moment, you WILL improve if you put the effort in.

If you can find some hills to run up that will help you as well but you must run them at a pace faster than you find comfortable to get maximum benefit. Then, when you have made the effort, jog to recover don't just stop and walk. Stopping will lose a lot of the benefit from the effort you have just put in. Soon, you will learn how hard you can push yourself without collapsing afterwards - and then you'll be improving!

It's also worth pointing out that it is much easier to push yourself (and keep up the training schedule) if you can find a partner to train with. It doesn't matter if they are faster or slower than you, the effort is easier if you share it with someone else.

There are loads of other things the PTIs will have you doing once you've joined but this will at least get you on the way to fitness.

Good luck!

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