Worried for Raleigh


I’m off to Raleigh in a few weeks and just have a few worries. Although I think my fitness is very good, personal admin has never been my strong point. At prnc I thoroughly enjoyed the physical aspect but I was shocking at the things such as making my bed and folding. This is probably because I’m only 16 and i guess you could say I’m used to my mum doing my washing and ironing.
Another reason I have a hard time is because I have a hard time picking things up straight away and am not a very fast learner.
I may not be the most confident with these sort of things but will give 100% regardless.
However since prnc I have been practicing and have improved drastically with my ironing, but I’m still not fully confident with making my bed and folding.
Do you think this will become a problem at Raleigh or is it something people with help me with and I’ll gradually pick up along the way?
Thanks I’m advance.
@Cal144 First of all take stock & give yourself the credit due for having progressed as far as you have already towards a life of adventure which lies ahead for you in the RN.

Worried? Stop!, for "Today is but the tomorrow you worried about yesterday".

With that in mind (although few openly admit it) please be aware that just about everyone arriving at RALEIGH will have some nagging doubts about how they will respond to various aspects of the training regime.

Apprehension and some self-doubt is only natural but remember that your Instructors are there especially to guide and cajole each & every one of you to meet, & ideally exceed, the standards.expected.

You are never alone in the RN & very early on your class will be encouraged by the training staff to mix and develop a healthy team spirit - such that those with certain strengths willingly share them to assist others in overcoming any physical hang-ups or suffering from mental blockages.

Nothing specifically found about Bed Blocks (you'll probably crack that in the first couple of days anyway) but the YouTube tin here says "Get ahead in Royal Navy training by practising these tasks":

(Royal Navy training guides - 7 videos 8,076 views Last updated on Dec 21, 2017)

Change the World by Making Your Bed - by Admiral William McRaven

Whilst accepting that you are not training to become a USN Seal you might find something useful among this chap's inspirational speeches:


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