Worried about the Phycremetric Test!!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scarface2009, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hello to All

    I have my phycremetric test tommorow and i am worried that i might fail!. I have had a while to revise but i have had soo much going on lately i have had no time.

    I have used bitesize maths and have worked on the baisics, but the mechanical comprehension i dont have a clue on

    I am planning on joining as a chef, anyone have any idea what mark i should be getting.

  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Do they test grammar, spelling, punctuation and use of capital letters? If so, start praying now!

    Enough to demonstrate that you can read a recipe and apply basic maths to scale up for larger numbers: for example, 1 egg takes 3 minutes to boil, boiled eggs for a crew of 200 will therefore take 600 minutes (3 x 200 = 600).
  3. Start by learning how to spell "psychometric".
  4. No wonder we had so much signal traffic if that's how RO's do maths. FYI, if an egg takes 3 mins to boil, eggs for ships company (assuming they all want soft boiled that is), 200 eggs @ 3 mins to boil = 3 mins.

    Haven't you got some flags to hoist?
  5. Cytriactic test perhaps? :roll:
  6. I'm going for Chef aswell and I passed even though I wrote the awnsers on the wrong page LOL. So yeah theres not much need for mechanical comprehension in turning a few nobs and cracking a egg.
  7. I see the selection for cooks hasn't changed any then, listen kids learn to make Cheesy Hammy Eggys, Babies heads and deviled Kidneys and you can't go far wrong.
  8. i am sorry for my terrible writing lol, and yeah i can spell ok, it's just i rushed it when i was writing this post neways

    do you think 50% would be ok for a chef?
  9. I would certainly hope not, 50% is an F grade mate, can you at least shoot for a D?!!
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not any more, that's the Seaman's part of ship!
  11. It's bllody sad isn't it, Dabbers waving flags, Cooks now called Chefs and the whole S&S branch has got weird names, plus no more WEM's, mind you better an ET than an OM.

    Times thay are a changing
  12. Or to put it another way: Who called the cntu a cook and who called the cook a cnut ?? - Whichever way it goes, good luck mate and I hope you learn the difference between tish on a raft and herrings in....
  13. They'll tell you if you got a high enough score or not so instead of thinking I'll just settle for this why not aim a little higher? If worse comes to worst you can always go back downstairs to the Army recruiting office.
  14. I have just came back from the test and i just passed it for a chef :) and have my interview on tuesday, i thought that the practice booklet that you got was useless, the questions were much harder

  15. You weren't doing in Dundee AFCO by any chance were you?
  16. nah i was at the Darlington AFCO in the north east
  17. Logistic technicians or some such thing they now seem to be called. Bet you can't still have a new mattress despite the one you took over having enough DNA samples to keep plod employed for a generation!

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