Worried about maths - flight aptitude tests

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shotty13, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. I have been using this forum since i first walked into my AFCO office in december and have found all your advice very helpful. However one thing is worrying me and it would be seriously reasuring to grab some help from you guys!

    My flight apptitude tests are on monday. I feel happy with every test apart from the math. I have a GCSE B but that was some time ago (2 years now), i've brushed up on long div and multiplication as well as S = D/T which i've been told are the essentials, however a lot of posts here are from people who have failed their math sections.

    So what i want to know is, how much preperation did they do for maths and what other area's do they think i should focus on to get through?

    Thanks :)
  2. you should spend 20% on multiplication

    30% on division

    40% on dead reckoning and stuff

    and the other 50% on percentages

    if you fail for anything it will be on percentages.
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  3. Two years is some time ago?! 16 years for me!
  4. You don't have to be good at maths to know you've got a one in four chance of getting it right :)

    If got got a B in maths recently, you will fly it.
  5. Thanks chisler, though from your post i take it you failed on percentages :wink: but im sure ill give my exams 140% anyway!

    i hadn't actually thought about percentages at all so thanks!

    While im here can i also ask if anyone was called for a pre test interview. When i came back from work a few weeks back my brother told me a man with a posh voice called and asked for me. He never called back and i cant help but thinking that was my AFCO. Have i missed out on help?

    I wouldnt be too suprised if they forgot to call back, when i turned up for my second interview they had managed to put me in a month before they thought i was coming. had to catch my interviewer as he was leaving for a boat show
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1. If he had a posh voice, it was not the AFCO that rang, OCLO possibly.
    2. Why didn't you ring the OCLO, rather than expect he/she call you back?
  7. Shotty13, i too will be joining you at OASC for the FAT's on Monday, and i too am absolutely bricking it!!!!! Your one step ahead though by the sounds of it if you think your fully prepared for the other sections. The SDT calculations are all i've done really as i was under the impression you could not prepare for the rest as they were testing innate skils???? :? Any last minute advice would be much appreciated...
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    You can't really prepare for the coordination tests, you either have it or not there are some tips, but I'm not going to tell because I don't want some idiot crashing all our aircraft, however. The "maths" is really in three parts, basic mental arithmetic speed, distance, time stuff which gets progressively more tricky to include fuel usage and range, some of the question are posed as real world situations. Data management, whole screens of data in the form of tables are presented, your ability to read and process the data is measured in time. Some more advanced maths including trig, factorising and very basic calculus, multi choice answers on screen, again timed, this section is aimed at observors and single seat fixed wing but requires a basic pass for all aircrew.

    Hope this helps, don't go panicking and trying to cram it all in the night before, it's more important that you get an early night, no alcohol or caffeine, eat a good breakfast and eat or drink something high in glucose just before the exams, in your breaks drink plenty of water and again eat some sweets, all these things will help you perform better in the tests.
  9. Chieftiff.... of great help, thankyou! I wish you would put up the tips but i can see where your coming from! Cheers
  10. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    The tips wouldn't really help anyway Jonno, they could be more of a distraction to be honest.

    Good luck.
  11. nice to see someone else bricking it, guess were all in the same boat. By being prepared for the other section i mean i can read :p dont think i can prepare any more than that so im my view revision over!

    Ill hammer the maths a bit more today. If it was a call from the OCLO then i guess it wasnt important enough for them to call back and was probably summed up in the invite they sent me with instructions.

    Good luck Jonno i guess ill see you there!
  12. btw do you get a pen and paper or is it all mental arithmetic?
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    No pen and paper, all on a computer, pen and paper not required!
  14. you get a pen and paper for one section
  15. Which section is that?
  16. one of the math sections, or at least was in Oct. They gave a pencil and paper and took it back again after the section. I didn't really use it anyway.

    BTW theres hope for you, I got a B in GCSE math and passesd
  17. Congrats, how hard did you find it? ive been doing a few psycometric tests online at a website called apptitudetestsonline or something along those lines, despite the fact it marks my papers wrong it has been pretty handy in getting me into the right mindset. As long as they dont differ too much from the navy ones then i can see what everyone means when they say relax and work on percentages! Annoyingly hard though, maybe thats just me.....?
  18. hello i am aware this forum is about 5 years old... but im wondering how did you get on with your FATs i have mine quickly approaching and could do with any tips if you have any ?
  19. You will not need to be ace of the base when airborne in your Merlin!!!!! As Maths is a thing of the past, like DR and distance to run etc. You will have a GPS in your Nav bag , and no longer need your Dalton Computer!!!!:winkrazz::winkrazz:
  20. Oh yes you do - when it all fails (total electrics failure go) it's back to basics!!

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