Worried about Future of RNR

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WindyMiller, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. I understand that there is a general level of pessimistic rumour-mongering going on here, but In all seriousness how does everyone see the future of the RNR.

    I ask as someone that is going to apply and am a bit nervous about all the negative reports I see and read.

    Can anyone put my mind a rest?? :sad:
  2. The RNR is in a state of flux at the moment.

    They've got rid of the medics, or rather you can only be a medic if you're already a qualified medic.

    They don't seem to know quite what to do with the GSSR branch.

    There's talk of smaller units being shut down or merged.

    They've decided to accept divers for underwater force protection.

    Everyone's moaning about JPA.

    Everyone joining the RNR nowadays is told to expect to be operationally deployed at least once in their RNR career.

    I'm sure others will add to this list.....

  3. Thanks Shakey

    Still a bit confussed about some of the anacronyms JPA, GSSR - also I hear that some of the specialisations are a bit crowded and this may affect your application if you choose one of these?

    Sorry about all the questions, I have my meeting with AFCO and I'm eager to get the ball rolling and get cracking!!

  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    On the plus side, the CIS specialisation has just published its long-awaited organisation and now has clear defined roles in supporting the RN and RFA; the statis of CIS as a "closed" specialisation has also been removed and once again recruiting / transfers should be being entertained.
  5. Cheers FW

    Sounds more encouraging, as I am interested in CIS but look forward to finding out more.

    I shudder to think of the reply is I posted a thread asking what a seaman specialist did :roll: :roll:
  6. Let me clarify some points

  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    When GSSR was invented, it had a number of roles including Comms and MW - if GSSR is now solely Force Protection, then it seems as if people with former experience in Comms and MW and now the Medics too it seems could be disadvantaged - is it any wonder there's disaffection?

    Ooohhhh - C95 dry-bags..... but as a word of caution, the SA80 is crap on dry land, let alone in the water :)

    All generalisations are generally worng all of the time. JPA is a cluster-fcuk of the first order that has had a serious impact on the RN and the RAF; it is a classic example of how off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all IT packages designed for the civilian workplace do not work when applied to the military with all its variety - EDS and the MOD fcuk-wits who engaged them should burn in the fires of Hell for a long time for it!
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    There's another thread here on CIS - if you've any specific questions, just ask and I'll try my best to find an answer or point you in the direction of someone who may know.

  9. Cheers FW
  10. Personally I believe that the future of the RNR is pretty secure, perhaps not in its current format but there will always be a requirement for Reservists.
  11. Windy just for the record you do not apply to join the RNR as a particular branch. It is only after you join, and towards the end of new entry training, that you select what branch you want. This contrasts with the regular navy, which has you choose a branch when you apply to join.
  12. When was "force protection" accepted as the "defined role"? I have been led (or maybe misled) to beleive that MW is still available .

    Forgetting about other options is not helpful.
  13. If, as has been mentioned, the clearly defined role of the GSSR branch is force protection, could someone please tell me where and when the specific training for this role is being held?

    Aside from the skill at arms weekends i am not aware of any SPO specific weekends being held. The scenario played out on the Bristol during the 547 course is the only training i have recieved or even heard of being available regarding this role.

    I have never recieved any practical instruction on actually protecting a ship from any kind of attack or manning the gangway etc.

    Surely if this is our "bread and butter" then we should recieve instruction accordingly.

    On another note i firmly believe that the RNR as we know it will not exist in 10 years time. The SPO role being undertaken by the GSSR branch could just as easily be undertaken by the TA. I am under the impression that GSSR was the largest branch in the RNR at present (i am open to correction if this is incorrect). Other specialisations such as CIS, intelligence, and media ops would continue as, far as i'm aware these branches do not undertake training as often as GSSR and do not require the amount of equipment that GSSR require, which the TA are issued with as standard.
    Speaking with some TA lads a few weeks ago they were saying how disapointed they were that their training allocation had been capped as they had reached 100 days. The RNR are restricting weekends i attend and i only have 30+, which includes 10 days ORT.

    Like i said, i'm open to correction if i any of the above assumptions are incorrect.
  14. I am aware of the huge number of days the TA seem to be able to access and I only wish we could have even a chunk of that, but I have to disagree about the idea of the TA taking on this role. A walk around any operational theatre and you will bump into TA people. They are being heavily used in their assigned roles, and others. They don't have the spare manpower to offer FP to the RN.

    As to other branches not putting in the training time, that is down to the individual and their availability and the limits imposed on them by their unit's budgets more than their branch IMHO.

  15. Wow - this really is the big question. I think the future of the RNR will be decided by its ability to deliver. If we are seen as cost effective (that is both cheaper than full-time and at least as effective as full-time) then we will have a future. Otherwise, we're dodos.

    Reading some of the Branch specific posts, it looks like we could go either way.

    MC says that the GSSR Branch now has a defined force protection role. Others then say they didn't know that and aren't being trained properly for it. If we don't get it sorted asap then GSSR won't pass the cost effective test.

    The CIS branch seems to be on the way up. There is a positive relationship with the Functional Employer and the training and internal organisation has been lined up to meet the need. However, while the FE says that they need about 30 more CIS ratings and the branch is no longer closed, a straw poll of units suggests that no unit is allowing NEs to go into CIS - 'cos GSSR needs them even more. So, there is a danger that CIS will fail the cost-effective test.

    I don't know about other branches but I bet they could all tell a similar story. If we can deliver then we have a future. Otherwise its Bye Bye
  16. we are a cheap option and they only need to pay for us when they want.

    we can do jobs, some branches cant. If you cant do a job then you will die.

    Think how many branches we used to have, ME, WE, MW, driving boats

    all gone :sad:

    RNR ? :twisted: can go either way. Would they miss us :neutral:
  17. Tell me why I'm owed over £1000 in pay then. JPA? FUBAR, I think you'll find.
  18. As we keep getting told GSSR is not involved in FORCE protection. it is involved in FLEET protection. There is a distinct difference and believe me not one as an RNR I want to readily volunteer to do. I'll leave that to the booties and squaddies and continue to patrol around my nice floating hotel, with not a ration pack or portaloo in sight.

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