Worried about fitness levels


Hi all, I go to Raleigh this coming Monday don’t get me wrong I’m buzzing to get started as this is gonna be a great career if I get through. However, I came down with the horrible flu and was vomiting I tried training going for a run etc but my body just didn’t agree with it. So I’ve missed a few days of training and went training again after recovering but i have now seen a decrease in my fitness. I achieved a 1.5 mile time of 9:20 at PRNC but now after being ill I’m getting times of 9:45 -9:50, just wondering if they will comment on it if I achieve a time like this at Raleigh. This is massive for me the only way out of Raleigh for me is to pass out and that’s what I hope to achieve, I just don’t wanna screw it up now.


War Hero
The guy in the recruiting ad aced it and became a TVs celebrity so fear not.
I suspect they will be looking for improvement not superman on day one! As Acryph said - 'chill'!

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