Worlds Ugliest Dog!

Sam was a purebred, yes that's right, a purebred Chinese Crested Hairless. He was almost 15 years old and was taken in as a rescue over six years ago by Susie Lockheed. He was considered "un-adoptable" by local shelters. Susie took him in on a 48-hour trial period. During that time he lived in a cage because he acted like "Cujo" the rabid dog. Susie had to shove food and water into the cage and run. The 48-hour trial became several days, and then Sam just walked out of the cage and became one of the pack (other hairless dogs who found harbor in Susie's domain).

Lot of concern recently about pet food from China , is/was poor Sam a result of that . I suppose the Chinese breed them hairless so they dont have to pluck or skin them before they cook and eat the poor creatures . Going to the Games ? don't ask for hot dogs , in fact it may be wise to take all your own food or you could end up like poor Sam . Woof

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