Worlds Largest Cruiseliner Sets Sail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. You WILL enjoy yourself.
  2. Looks like a floating council estate. :roll:
  3. God She's ugly. A giant-sized chav white GRP floating gin palace.
  4. It's a car park :pukeleft:
  5. Very big and very ugly .but still a shipbuilding feat
  6. Reminds me of those ships that transport live sheep through the Gulf and Arabian Sea although I doubt the smell could ever be the same.
  7. Those were absolutely horrendous, you could smell them for miles off. They frequently pulled into Port Suez, pity they don't have an RSPCA.
  8. Agreed. I'm sure there aren't enough lifeboats for all those passengers.


    Spot the difference

  9. We are booked for the Fantasia next May booked by the other half anybody been on this floating hotel. Suit and tie after 1800hrs must be worn me being a shorts and t shirt type that should be fun.

    Regarding the transport of live sheep 50,000 they carry a disgustng trade from the Australian sheep market. We import frozen NZ lamb why do we need live exports. The middle east slaughter houses have never changed since biblical days.
  10. Do you mean MV Fantasia... :p


    ...or MSC Fantasia?


    If the latter, you can read passenger reviews here. Here's a heavily abridged example you will love (link): :p

    To be fair, most reviews are highly complimentary but whatever you do, don't look at this website. Enjoy your trip.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Trivia corner.

    The maiden voyage Master of Oasis of the Seas, Captain William Wright presents a video on 'hi fog' fixed fire-fighting installations that forms part of the Navy's '35' course. I thought I recognised his face (in other articles on the Oasis of the Seas.)
  13. I've actually been on board one of the American versions, when I was in Reykjavik. It was so large I felt disorientated. When I go cruising I go on smallish vessels and sit in a restaurant sharing a table with the same people all in evening dress. On these floatels the passengers queue up, sometimes for half an hour, like when I was at school and sit anywhere they can, clad in t shirts, etc. I spent 20 minutes just queing for coffee! The Sun Deck had two very large swimming pools and unbelieveably a huge screen for films. The ship I toured had a internal flood a few weeks later caused by their indoor fountains flooding! They had to evacuate the ship as it affected her stability. I would never choose to sail in one as they are too big, tooluxurious and I'm not convinced they are really seaworthy.

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