Worlds First Robotic Model

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. You would wouldn't you......good and hard....repeatedly.....

    Personally I think she's divs, look at the passive open mouthed, beat me around the head with your kerp, expression on her face. And you could remove her limbs with an allen key for added sensuality and romance. I wonder if she's been designed with a dirty bilge water tank (where your goo ends up if you faff up her) that requires flushing through and force ventilating every maintenance period.
  2. Wheres her minge? Shoddy workmanship, why go to the bother of just putting skin on her heed and hands and not knock her up some nipples and a gash? And look at those hands! They're fcuking massive! My c0cks small enough. She has a 14 year old girls face too, actually hang on, that's a bonus.............
  3. Her fish kebab and fun bags maybe come as an optional extra along with a fully functional toggle and two in case you fancy a bit of Thai Ladyboy loving. Depending on your mood and level of deviency you simply attach the preferred bits for your session. You could buy additional 'expansion packs' too with animal genitalia available if you came over all "Animal Farm"
  4. Stuff me ..... 150 grand and no face.

    If I had that kind of dosh lying about, I can think of several real women that would be interested in me.
  5. So it's a bit like buying a BMW then? You get the unit but have to then fork out even more for the bits you actually want. Rubbish.

    I want a twisty pigs c0ck on mine, a goats starfish and dogs tits.
  6. Do you reckon she's fitted with a fanny batter tank with authentic fishy odour to add realism? Not being an ME I'm not familiar with how the gubbins actually work.
  7. More to the point this will mean that all the actual human models will be out of work soon and will be up for chewing us off for a few quid to feed their drug habits.

    BZ pervy Nippon inventors, BZ.
  8. I wonder if it gives out a squirt of OX 30 once a month to simulate being on blob?
  9. Drug addled diseased crack whores will always find a niche in the market.....and you can get the added bonus of barebacking the bitches up the shitter for fcuk all. A normal slut of a prostitute will ask you for extra money for the wonder Sutcliffe kicked up a stink with his fcuking ball pein. If crack had been about in this country in the 70's he probably wouldn't have got a little bit carried away like he did. Just a hypothesis.....

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