World's best propaganda poster

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG]

    I fucking love this poster.

    Is there anyone here who hasn't got a copy of it somewhere in the house/mess/grot?
  2. Nope,

    but I do have a picture, hanging in my hallway, of a squaddie in a red coat sitting on the park bench with his girl, and a baby in a pram.
    He's leaning over the baby (cooing I suppose), and there is a matelot on the other side of the bench slipping the squaddie's lady a bar of nutty.

    It's called 'Naval Manouvres' - another view of Naval power perhaps :lol:
  3. Yep that's in the junior rates' mess at HMS Scotia.
  4. Shakey , Fxxxxxxxg good poster , are copy's available anywere , I love stuff like this , Why can't we be as patriotic as our friend's across the pond , :roll: :lol:
  5. dunkers , I like your's as well , Brilliant . :roll: :twisted: :lol:
  6. I think the Imperial War Museum sells 'em.
  7. Yeah - the shop at the Imperial War Museum does (or at least it did when I bought my copy some 12 years ago!)
  8. Cheers Oppo,

    I'll print a couple for my old man (ex Crusher), he'll have a laugh too.

  9. Nice one MD.

    A mate of mine made a demotivational poster whilst at BRNC. Tag line was "Second place, when your best wasn't good enough".

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