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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by NZ_Bootneck, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. P.S It ain't me, I only ever wear my VC, DFC and Bar, DSM and MM on Battle of Britain Day :lol:
  2. I'd be too embarrased to wear a medal I didn't earn, hence I only have my Jubilee and Tellic (which I havent recieved yet!). Rather be a thudder than a liar.
  3. VD Bar and scar (And GSM Gulf :wink: )
  4. from the article;-
    The medal wearer said he got the Purple Heart "when I signed off (with the US Navy Seals).

    "I got hauled up before the president and handed it over. I think it was Eisenhower or it might have been Carter. I can't remember which."


    "The Australian veterans community take a very serious view of this and now have a website where they name and shame the impostors."

    Any chance we have one of these? If not it would be a site well worth doing.
  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You could always start a thread on here
  6. Wouldn't mess with him, he must be double 'ard :D
  7. An impressive collection but obviously belongs in a glass case rather than on his chest!

    I was recently awarded a NATO medal and went through great pains to find out whether I could wear it or not (the advice was conflicting). Whilst certain regiments of the Army and some RAF guys who have received it are wearing it, the MOD says NO so naturally the only chest it will appear on is my sea chest.

    People who wear medals they're officially not entitled obviously have something lacking in their lives and make a mockery of those who worked hard to earn them proper.

  8. I've got two I can't wear because the Royal Gooner didn't give them to me.
    I will never wear them, its just the way it goes.
    i've got enough, they're a pain in the 'arris to keep clean anyway.
  9. I've got my long distance gong. Must lookfor it as it might be worth a few bob to a Walt if I put it on Ebay
  10. That's pretty shocking, actually. It also detracts pride from the ones he did earn. Not to mention all the others who're wearing ones they earnt.
  11. Who said that he actually earned any of them. well he may have earned the money to pay for them :(
  12. Fair point slim. I wonder just how far this guys imagination runs? Can't quite make out whether he's wearing anything from the Crimea or Boar War ... :D

  13. Ah, I must have misread. I thought he'd earned at least one. Even worse :(
  14. Absolutely devalues what my Grandfathers did and against the ANZAC spirit NZ. The guy should go to the states and look up MgsSmiley!!
  15. I've got a medal occupying a tiny space in a massive display case at work. Just the right place for it too! Out of sight, out of mind!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ...Its the Coward's Long Service medal, for 12 years of fully detected cowardice in the face of aggressive women! :D :lol:
  16. Exactly right.
    My father was on the Barham when she went down, and subsequently must according to his record have been on other ships that were, bombed or suchlike.
    He must have seen some terrible things, but, he would never wear any medal he had and used to call the old'uns marching past the Cenotaph on November 11th 'Silly old fools'.
    I belong to my local British Legion and whilst there are a few who earned the right to speak out, there are an awful lot of bar room heroes; you just have to work out the dates to understand.
    The bottom line in my humble opinion is that those who have really been through a lot rarely talk about it.
  17. That will be by the terrace entrance proximal to strangers cafe then AAC!!
  18. A rating I knew was injured in the leg by a small piece of shrapnel from some small arms fire when the Ton class he served on had a skirmish with the last of the communist Malay rebels in the early 60's.
    When ever he paraded at divisions after this the inspecting officers always made a beeline for him as it was extremley rare in those days to see a rating with more than one medal alongside the LSGCM.
  19. Oi what happen to my blue eyes Stirling??
    I will say again, an absolutely NZ and Australia disgrace to our ANZACS!!
    Don't remember much of his time in Japan, but grandad produced his medals one night in a drucken stupor!! Says it all. He was proud, but got on, never spoke about it...?? Send this guy back to the UK NZB?? LOL Ultimate revenge!!! Px

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