world cup

ex_wasp_L2 said:
Is there anyone out there who is fed up with the world cup already or am I alone?

I have no objection to flag waving there should be more of it as long as it is not to intimidate others. Did I actually say that??

Give me a good game of RUGGER that is as in the all blacks etc anytime I would sooner go the school field and watch the kids play than sit in front of the box and watch these actors play. Pisses me off when all you hear is looneys scan crap as if the world shuddered when it happened.

I remember being in the shop one day and this mummy told her darling son for every goal he scored he would get a fiver. So that kid is going up the financial ladder at a young age where sport is not the name of the game money is!!!

Did you read about the vicar who is offering counselling services just in case the glorious team is not so glorious.

Best get the inflatables ready the river may be full!!


Lantern Swinger
It is a bit much, but then how are the sponsors and media going to sell their wares? That is what the world cup is all about, just like christmas and pretty much all other events. It's all about marketing.

At least at 5:00pm today the real thing gets underway.

You never know, a good competition may struggle out blinking into the sunlight from under all the bullshit in the papers and on TV.


War Hero
Shippers,i was pissed off with it last year!!!!!Bunch of overpaid dicksplashes that couldnt win Junior Mastermind!

Did you know that 1 weeks of Mr D Beckham's salary, if donated to his Charridy, would feed over 36,000 children!!!! Just shows how obscene their wages are!