World Cup!!


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Right you lot, the world cup has rolled around! Let’s place a sweep stake, no dosh involved I am sorry!

But we will do it this way, place a country down, you can not chose one that has already been chosen, sorry lads and ladettes!

I chose………………..(with my eyes close)



Lantern Swinger
I wanted Scotland but Janner beat me to it(I will sort him for that if I ever see him in town) in that case I will have the one I have at work Iran


I wanted Brazil , but jenny dabber has beaten me to it , so I'll have a go with CZECH REPUBLIC . :roll: :lol:


War Hero
Would like england, of course.......But I'll go Italiano......if they're not already out.....obviously keeping a close eye on things then :lol:


I would'nt like to be Ronaldo when him and Rooney get back to Manchester :twisted: :twisted: :roll:
I suspect they may well go for a pint, they are both profesionals and know how it works.

It was a shame that England went out that way, but I think the Potuguese were more determined to win and that showed through.

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