World cup ticket scam towards children!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 19, 2006.

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  1. I find this evil! How can the person do this to innocent children, poor kids must be heart broken! I think once this person is tracked down a massive public apology will need to be heard and compensation!

    full story
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Offender is obviously an Ex Ganges boy, who, because He was treated so badly as a boy, has decided to punish other children, this is done purely in the cause of equality you understand. :lol:
  3. I doubt it, probably some 6 week wonder jealous of the camaraderie they enjoyed !! :wink:
  4. This homo needs his spuds cutting off. I don't like kids but this is not fair.
  5. He's probably as straight as you Lingyai with ten kids and a missus that's an accountant. Incidentally I like your new "motto" or whatever one calls it. Perhaps the MoD should adopt it - especially to wind up CND supporters! :twisted:
  6. We're all too innocent for that sort of thing. Any initiative was beaten out of us long before we lashed our first hammock! I think the offender's an journo or an ex-adult trainee. :wink:
  7. Yeah youre right of course, just a random name i threw out, let's try tosser instead. As for the motto (courtesy of George Orwell) damn right it should be employed, personaly had a run in with CND myself in my younger (read wilder) days. There is a CND thug somewhere who still will have a scar above his eye from a spray jet nozzle I used to enforce the security of my leander class home........ or was it a jet spray?? never could get the hang of that... he he he happy days when the enemy was either Russian, IRA or CND
  8. What i want to know is why these kids were swanning off to watch bloody football instead of being in school!!!!!!!!!
  9. Shhhh don't worry it was the weekend!
  10. Ok apparently on kid paid for himself.....£400,where the hell did he get that sort of dosh from????????I was lucky to get a tanner a bloody week!
  11. & which company did i get an email off at the weekend offering tickets to the World Cup??

    Tickets 4 all - the ones at the centre of the scam.
  12. They can't find any tickets for these kids who've been ripped off - but they found one for Mr Brown..... :!:

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