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World cup so far

That last 15 minutes shows that England can show flair when they need to, I just think that they should have done that as soon as T & T scared us with the Terry clearance.
Lampard and Crouch were very dissapointing.
England will have to stretch that last 15 minutes to 90 if they want to get past the next stage. I really hope we get Germany next, that should light their blue touch paper.
T & T did very well I think, and they were playing a supposedly world class team - can't say I saw any world class football being played by England. :x
From what I saw they only got there because the other team were tiring.

Sox up? - seems to me that there needs to be a few 264s read to the team, and perhaps Sven needs his too :!:
I am glad England have managed to overcome the first hurdle, I think the fall out from being sent home at this point would have been even worse than them winning. I must say though from watching some of the first hald last night, they don't look like world beaters at all. T&T whilst not looking technically any better certainly had the tactics right, and I suspect if Terry had not cleared that ball could have done serious damage to Englands chances

Hope you do better in the next game.


PS If that guy with the foot problem is essential to win, I suspect you are stuffed already.

John854 said:
England in spite of two late goals were piss poor today and twice as nasty. These so called 'stars' playing T & T who are really only a 4th Division side, haven't got a snowball in hell's chance of being in the final. So Rooney came on but should he have? If he gets a further blow on his once damaged foot, Sven the Swede will get his arse kicked so hard by Sir Alex that his nose will bleed. Overpaid prima donnas some, if they couldn't kick a ball they wouldn't even be fit to stack food on the shelves at Asda. Thank God they play a man's game in Canada-Hockey.

Gotta agree with you John. England were lazy, lacked drive, ambition, ideas and everything else I could think of. However, maybe, and it is a very big maybe...they are cruising and saving themselves for the bigger teams to come in the next round - Well I live in hope !
Crouch was sh*t, it looked like he was out for the glory hunting or to prove something. Good on him for scoring but he should be rethought of for the following matches!

However, watching York play with himself was a treat!
Its the commentators that get me,what a save by the Chelsea goalkeeper,he cant get past the Arsenal fullback,half the players play in england but their Country isnt mentioned,and the Prick who called it our national team,didnt know we had scots,Irish and Welsh in there,Too much hype,not only that theyre crap.
Argetina were fcuking lethal today. Serbia-Monty are a decent team, qualified top of their group. But it was like watching a pub team trying to play against Chelsea.
Loved the comment on ITV News: "England take note; when you get the ball, don't just hoof it up the park, pass it to your mates. The goal will come soon enough."
Easily the best performance of the tournament so far. With the exception of Brazil, every other team must have been bricking it watching that game.
Good luck to England, 'cause I really want to see you lot play the Argies. If they take 6 off a team like Serbia-Monty, what are they going to do to a team they HATE?!
Oh, and "Best Supporters in the World" my hairy Army Rumour Service. I hope the Germans have GSG9 on stand-by. After En-Gur-Land's inevitible humiliation by one of the usual suspects - Argintina, Brazil, Germany etc - the English fans will try and recreate the Dresden bombing raids.
Write this down on a piece of paper and stick it behind the clock on the mantlepiece. Forecast:- The last four in the semi's.


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