World cup so far


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Well I didnt think much to Brazil last night they seem to be bored of winning.
In fact none of the top teams have really shown much promise apart from Boo hisss Argentina.

Could this be a year for the big upset? Could Australia or Switzerland take the cup?

I'm sure that the big teams will change up a gear once the group stages are out of the way but at the moment most of the interest is in the smaller sides.

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Switzerland played [email protected] last night. Ok so a 0:0 draw with France but the amount of fowls played by our Swiz loving chocolate country, grrrrrr!!!!

Waiting for the Poland Vs Germany match today, to be honest I think Poland could be a dark horse in this one. Germany’s line up isn’t looking to well so far.
I think England need to pull their sox up quick - Ok, they got through (!!) in Saturday's match but there are a lot more stronger teams still there to conquer.
Perhaps we should have a World Cup in shopping -- from what the papers say, the WC wives and girlfriends are doing very well indeed :lol:

One of the staff in my building was over the moon with the Trinidad & Tobago game - she says they are after the crown and we have to look out!!
Anyone see GMTV this morning - a group of supporters in Scotland waving the Trinidad & Tobago flag - they were probably real (!?) Trinidadians and not Scots :wink:


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Maxi_77 said:
janner said:
Don't worry Peter, your lot didn't make it, again :lol:

At least whe we do qualify by accident for such competitions our supporter are welcomed almost everywhere.


Well in that case you can join us.

On the news today there was an inspector in the Nuremburg Police that said that English fans are now among the best in the world and commended England on sorting out it's hooligan proble.

Watched a program 3 days ago saying that the hooligan issue was mainly sorted out by the use of ecstasy at raves in the late 80's early 90's.
A lot of football fans went to these raves, took ecstasy and loved everyone. Think that the program makers may have been biased.