World Cup........ Predictions?

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Scouse_Castaway, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Well, its that time again. The World Cup draws near and TV salespeople are looking forward to the big bonuses.

    Anyone got any predictions as to the Winner in the final?

    or as to how poorly England might do?

    Bookies near me have Spain as join favorites to win alongside the Italians. 4/1

    Picking up my new HD 37inch TV tomorrow so im all ready :)
  2. I really hope our England boys can do it. I herd a statistic that England have only won 1 out of 6 penalty shootouts! Why are we so bad a taking penalties? But this year they are getting rid of the run up, stop, then hit penalty shot which I hope will be good news for us!

    But yes I think Spain are the ones to beat this year!

    Come on England :D
  3. Portugal to win.

    I'd love England to go all the way but I reckon they'll go out in the quarter finals on penalties.
  4. Spain or Brazil to win. England to lose on penalties at some point - probably to Germany or Portugal.
    But in an ideal world England top the group after humiliating USA then beat Australia in 2nd round, Argentina in QFs, Italy in SFs and Germany in the Final.
    Happy Days :)
  5. Anyone but England ;)

    Just kidding before anyone cant take a joke 8O

    I reckon spain will scoop it again, but then again. . .

    I think all will become clear in the group stages!
  6. Italy........dont they usually capitulate sooner in manly conflict?
  7. When did Spain last win the World Cup then Trigger?
  8. I was thinking about the euro's when I wrote that. :oops:
  9. :error: :lol:
  10. Quite. Thanks for pointing it out ;)
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    When a Scouser says that, it's time to make sure your doors and windows are locked, and your house insurance is fully paid up..! :oops: :wink:
  12. Yep normally just before they change sides ;)

    SFs is the earliest we can play them but I'd be willing to swap them for Portugal if it would make you happier.
  13. Italy - Cheating, Diving mummy's boys. The lot of them !!!! :banghead:
  14. Got your T-Shirt yet Trig?
  15. :lol:

    Oh yes, ive got the white one too.
  16. Germany or hopefully Holland. Although I can't see any of the European teams standing anything resembling a half decent chance because of the whole alititude side of things. I reckon we'll see a fair bit of spew.
  17. Last time I looked both of your predictions were in Europe Rev.
  18. Predictions?

    1. Grown men will dive into imaginary Penalty Area Swimming Pools.

    2. TV pundits will clamour for Goal Post 'Technology' & the like.

    3. Refereeing standards will prove beyond doubt that incompetence and match-rigging still abounds.

    4. Overrated Players will not shine, but several hitherto 'Unknowns' will suddenly command extortionate txfer fees & will never thereafter justify them.

    5. Lonely stay-at-home WAGS will fornicate regardless, but they will still be caught out-of-watch by the Maily Dail special reporters.

    6. Lawns will be unmown & the great unwashed will have their attention diverted from the Nation's dire plight for long periods.

    7. Our triumphant Team will be invited to water the back gardens of a certain No. 10.

    8. Attention will be diverted from operational casualties.

    Cynical? Moi?

    Nay - Just seen it all before and I am always ready to welcome back our 'Sporting 'Heroes'.

    Unless they lose yet again :evil:
  19. You just cant stop can you ? :lol:

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