World Cup - England v Australia

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by TattooDog, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Australia 10

    England 12

    Says it all really :dance:

    Eidt: Not a classic; no England tries and a few missed chances, but it's a win.
  2. thoroughly enjoyable match, edge of seat at the end though
  3. Hate to say it being a celt,but well done England.Forwards did the stuff.
  4. The pack was awesome. well done boys.

    good luck to the Scots tomorrow .
  5. England deserved it, Australia were not at their best. Wish I had placed a bet now.

    Good luck to the Jocks.
  6. What a match, my pulse hasnt been so high since the last time they met in the World cup!! Good luck to the French tonight and the Scots tomorrow, lets hope Englands exploits this afternoon can inspire them so there is a great northern hemisphere presence in the final stages which wasnt looking to be the case a couple of weeks ago. What price an England v Scotland final!! :clap:
  7. Oh christ Stephen Jones the Journalist will be banging on about the superiority of Northern Hemisphere Rugby again. ABs (Silver Shirts again, thanks IRB) will hopefully deal to the Frogs. 10-0, 20 mins gone.
  8. Bye bye Skippy. :)
  9. Well done England!

    I'm a Jock, but it was worth getting out me bed at 2am to watch it! Wish I had put that bet on too!
  10. Oh SH!$, what did I do? Put the mockers on that one. Forward pass try and WTF was the sin binning for,obstruction my arrse, ABs beaten by the Officials rather than the French. (Well I'm sure thats what the NZ media will be saying!!)
  11. **** those frock wearing shitbags...I have spent too much time listening to those two-faced sheep-shagging barstewards bad-mouth the English at every and any opportunity....hope that they get royally stuffed; BRAVEHEART my arse!!! :bball: :hockey:
  12. And Breathe Bergs. I think the jocks stand as much chance as Richie McCaw and the ABs being given a warm welcome when they get home. OOppps now I've ferked up the Springboks chances.
  13. Hi NZB

    just spent the day in Big John's Sports Bar in Houston with English, Aussies, Kiwis, French and Argentines......the only people acting like ********* were some tartan warriors booing England's win........tosspots!!!!!
  14. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    watched the England game, awesome pack, fell asleep (shitefaced) half way through the french/kiwis so was a pleasent suprise to wake up and see the kiwis where out. Here's hoping for a few more suprises today. :eek:ccasion7:
  16. Tell us what you really think Bergs...... :eye:

    I can only imagine it will be a very bad idea to be French in Big johns next week.........a football-rugby double header.
  17. Sorry Cat.......Just getting carried away after spending a few years in Abu Dinn, helping to develop the UK's primary source of carbon energy (or stealing Jockistan's oil decide).

    The scrounging, ginger, two-faced, porridge yaffling, pimpley, frock-wearing, peeley walley, muppets were always the first to run down England whilst at the same time milking the English for every Groat after the Jockroach politicians infiltrated Westminster............grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

  18. Ive just had a good giggle at that one, good job the ginners won't be in as they'll be crying in their "Scotts porridge oats" the noo.

    BTW, while you were stealing the oil wealth, I noticed the trickle down from your money seemed to turn Aberdeen from a radioactive granite bumhole into quite the little new town. They even have a costco. Tillycairn went on sale a while back......
    I suppose its why half the staff you must meet are thistle wallahs? Ever listened to a glaswegian welder try to make an african understand him.....
  19. And back to the original thread of England v Australia. This is a snippet from The Times' rugby correspondent.................he obviously thought that the Aussies were as worthless as I did:-

    There was another reason to be pleased at this glory from nowhere. It means that Australia were dumped. Good riddance. They have some marvellous pedigree players, it was sad to see George Gregan, dominated by Andy Gomarsall, go out on a low. But especially up front, Australia were a bunch of cheap-shot cheats and con men and for long periods of the match the referee left them collapse, cheat and recoil from the weight. They tried to punch Sheridan into submission, Sheridan briefly felt his jaw a few times, and he and the rejuvenated Phil Vickery went back to smashing them.

    We thought Australia pack had improved. Their props were a joke and it was staggering that they were not yellow-carded into oblivion. “At times, we got out of jail,†John Connolly, the Australian coach, said afterwards. Clean over the wall, John. Australia’s lineout was immaculate. The rest of the team disappeared.

    Maddeningly, Jonny Wilkinson missed three kickable penalties, any one of which would have been relaxation therapy. But he and Gomarsall kept England going, Corry and the back row got thumping into the tackles and Robinson was immaculate at full-back. Precision in a white jersey.

    There were, in the opening stages, several chilling reminders of the awful refereeing of the 2003 World Cup final. The referee penalised England for handling on the ground when an Australian simply dropped the ball, but then came a scrum pantomime. Matt Dunning could not even stand up on his side. He collapsed in five of the first six scrums. Guy Shepherdson was already in trouble against Sheridan. Staggeringly, the referee awarded the first two scrum penalties against England. “Very strange,†Vickery said, as the understatement of the millennium.

  20. It is indeed a sad day for Australian rugby. I suppose I will just have to go outside to the barbie, grab a cold one out of the beer fridge, sit back and look at the cloudless blue sky and ponder what might have been.

    Be careful not to use up all the weeks coal ration keeping warm if you stay up late celebrating lads. ^~

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