World Cup 2018

Mr Grogan, Labour MP for Selby, told MPs being able to watch the likes of the football World Cup or Wimbledon tennis finals was one of the “modern-day people’s pleasuresâ€.

But he raised concerns that a review into the list of protected events would recommend removing the World Cup because of pressures from world governing body Fifa.

Mr Grogan said Fifa had told ministers that England’s bid to host the tournament in 2018 would only be successful if it was removed from the list.

A review of the list is being headed by former Football Association executive director and broadcaster David Davies.

Mr Grogan said it was “no accident†that Mr Davies had been chosen, owing to his footballing background.

Arguing that it would be “travesty†if the event was removed from free-to-air TV, he said Culture Secretary Andy Burnham was facing a “big testâ€.

Mr Grogan said: “I think it’s fairly clear where the FA stand and I think, I predict, that unless you have a very strong listed events committee, some time later this year David Davies will present a report to ministers which argues for the partial de-listing of the World Cup. The only matches which will be left will be the home nations matches and perhaps the semi-finals and final.

“And if that recommendation does go to ministers it will be a big test: Is the Secretary of State really a man of the people?

“Is his heart with the real football fans of this country,as he tells us?â€
Selby? I got hit by a car there.

On topic:

I honestly couldn't care less if we don't get to host the world cup. I didn't even know we were bidding for it :thumright:
I couldn't give a fcuk either, I begrudge money going to the cnuting Olympic sh1te as it is, fcuk London, fcuk the Olympics and fcuk the World Cup. I hate all the cnutbags that wear the England shirt anyway, and that includes the fans.

I'd rather watch proper football, like I will be STANDING watching us getting relegated to League 2 on Saturday without a corporate cnut, glory hunter, overpaid prima-donna or prawn sandwich in sight.

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