Workmen cause £2,000,000 of damage to Faslane

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Apologies if this highlights my ignorance, being unenlightened as to the construction process of floating docks but surely there should never have been a situation where this setback could even have existed as a possible risk?

    £2mil of damage in electric cells and cabling from a resulting blast that let seawater in? One would have surmised that there would have at least been some arrangement for the current works to be completely protected against such a thing, assuming a blast is necessary? Perhaps, would it have been a blast in order to 'place' one of the columns, with the seawater gushing up through the ducts/columns/cabling/del as appropriate?

    I wonder why they have all this expensive cabling placed already if there are such physical tasks involving 'blasts' left?!

    Would very much like to hear from someone based at Faslane or in-the-know as t'were.

    Frustrated and flummoxed of Ferinkieville.
  2. Ah, dockyard mateys.It's nice to know they still make 'em.

    In Chatham,I lost count of the ones I had to put out with a fire


    'cos 'is oppo next door was a bit 'andy wiv the gas axe.
  3. Not to mention our own wonderful "Tiffs". Was it HMS Tiger that fired a 6" brick around the dockyard in Devonport.. I believe that came under the heading of Dockyard Renovation and Improvements. Can't remember the year though. :lol:
  4. Took me grandson to Dickens World Chatham last year.

    How can I put this succintly 8O
  5. I feckin'hate progress
  6. Nice to see nostalgia making a come back

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