Working your ticket out?

Apart from the usual I'm a homosexual admission my favourite was:
Back in the day '57 I was based on that great hulk Duncansby Head at Chatham.I may have the name slightly wrong but you couldn't miss it,it rested on thousands of fannies,flats and whatever else Jack couldn't be bothered to clean so out the porthole they went.
All of a sudden my oppo, a great hulk of a man, decided to work his ticket and told me in future he would never talk to anyone who was a higher rank than him!
So he did and it was hilarious to watch. He carried out all orders, just wouldn't answer anyone above his AB rating. Insubordination was thrown at him and he did the nines etc. Still no speaking to those above him even down to the mess killick [who gave up]
They couldn't work him out at all,once both of us painting ship over the side and he wouldn't turn around when the buffer was shouting at us re. painting it quicker.
In the end the Buffer got a large brush handle,tied another two with it and prodded him in the back numerous times!he still wouldn't turn around.
As a young OD I couldn't make it out.
It went on for a month or so, then he saw to me one morning,winked told me he was out of the mob.
Something to do with his mind not being right.
We had a drink that night and I sort of admired him, there must be others who had better ways but that left an impression on me for a long time.
He had the bottle to work the system and they were pretty strict then.
Great staging ship that,I didn't smoke but I used my fag coupons to exchange for sub sweaters,thick socks and Arctic mittens that I sold for a bomb on leave.
Sorry about that, I'm off reminiscing again but it crossed my mind last week. He was one determined seaman.
I guess you can get out any time now if you want,9 years for me plus another 2 for only being 16.
Remember any worky tickets?
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