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I posted this thread ( ) last week. Despite a good number of views, nobody's replied, so I thought perhaps I needed to ask the question in a different forum.

Basically I'd just like to get a sense of the working pattern during training at BRNC and shortly afterwards. I just want to reassure my girlfriend that I will be around more often than she thinks. A friend of the family's son recently joined the Army and everyone's surprised at how often he's back home - every fortnight or so he's back for the weekend, he's been up to Scotland to visit friends for a week etc etc. Granted it's a completely different service, but I imagine the Navy is similar, but I would like some solid examples to give my girlfriend to reassure her that I'm not going to disappear off the face of the planet. This is the career that I want, so I'm ready to sign up for pretty much anything it throws at me, but of course I have to look after the ones at home too.

What sort of time off do Officer Cadets get at BRNC? Is it a weekday training / weekend off sort of fixture or is the time off more fluid? What about after passing out? Obviously while at sea it's completely different, but on shore...?

Bin her now. BRNC is the last of your worries, wait until you're a YO on a small ship. She will be soon looking else where. Not a Pompey rating are you by chance???
You're not going to get much time to go swanning off around the country while you're at BRNC. One weekend in the first term, maybe a couple in the next. If you're really lucky you'll then get to join a ship deployed straight overseas. If you're a warfairy, then you can expect to deploy for 6-7 months a year straight. If you're ashore, which as a junior warfairy in their first 5 years is unlikely, then you'll have a bit more time, but you'd probably want her to relocate to the south coast if you wanted to see her.

There were 120+ people in my term at BRNC 10 years ago. About 3 people passed out with the same girlfriend as they started with, and several engagements were broken along the way. Sorry to be blunt, but there you go.
Sorry, don't want to be too down on it, but from experience I'd say BRNC and your earlier years in the service are a hell of a lot easier if you're single or not in a particularly serious relationship. It's not every girl that's cut out to marry the mob, and it will turn her life upside down as much as yours, and, in the words of In Which We Serve, there's always going to be another woman in your life (your ship).
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I think the term "full-on" would apply.

Thanks fellas, at least now I have a clear idea.
You will have a clear idea in a few years, now you appear to have non.

For the limited time off you may get, you could end up doing extra work if you are behind in any of your work, so time off may not be the start of your runs ashore, just catch up time.
it takes a stong women to stand by a Service man, if your current partner can not handle the seperation from the start she never will.