Working over Christmas?

I'm just waiting for the Xmas edition of the Radio Times to be published so I can plan my festive season viewing! ... or perhaps set the record!
Used to be a tradition, working out the viewing schedule, these days I watch what I am told to watch, it’s a lot less painful to the ear drums, but woe betide if I make any noise during something she wants to watch?
23rd>5th off but paying for it before and after. No sneaky days off till end of Jan and then busy for a couple of weeks before it goes back to normal.
Retired!but in spite of having no Scottish blood but a large Pagan streak I've always preferred New Year. In the mob I had to take it as it came. In the Prison Service in the exchange of duty log I placed;Will turn to Christmas and Boxing day for New Years Eve and day off." With great success. Now I get both every year. Christmas is still a pain in the ass though.
Last early start of the year tomorrow. Meetings with some foreign Air Force chaps in the morning, who will be hanging out of their hoops!

DSE assessors course in the afternoon then chrimbo leave

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Finish on 22nd - it would have been Friday 19th, but someone bright spark in the estates department decided to do HV maintenance on the Sunday - so need to be back in on the Monday to reboot servers, thin out 12:00 and that's it until 5th Jan.

Have a safe one.
Mrs MG now in a mood on account that although I'm on leave over Chrimbo due to lack of staff I'm now "on call from home" ... mind if the phone rings it's kerching! $$$$$$$$! ... and if I have to go in its megakerching $$$$$$$$$! :)
Our mill manager has been looking for volunteers to go on standby Xmas day/Boxing day.On being asked I replied that I would be standing by; Standing by the bar down the pub.

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