Working over Christmas?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. Won Boxing Day this year. Anyone else dragging their sorry arses into the workplace?
  2. No, finish this Friday until the 5th January

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  3. Mine isn't as good as JFH but I get the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th off. I would be working on Boxing Day if the store was open though. No doubt they'll be trying to guilt trip me in to doing overtime but they can go and suck a fat one if they think that's happening.

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  4. I'm done on the 22nd Dec until the 5th of Jan, think of all the mince pies you can scoff on watch Billy :)
  5. Likewise! Mrs MG on the other hand has to drag herself in until Chrimbo Eve and then got time off between Chrimbo and New Year ... ha ha ... ha ha bwahahahahahaha! At least I've got some time to myself! ... and if I'm stupid enough to imagine that I wont have some gynagerous list to work through while she's working ..........................
  6. Off from the 15th until 5th Jan
    Have to pop in on 24 for big fry up and boss to shake hand then sod off, for the sake of about 2 hours on site, it save a day’s leave
    But that is down to leave owing otherwise it would have been 24th until 5th Jan
    So Billy enjoy your watch keeping, I could say I could check in on your post on Boxing Day but I would be lying, never worked a Chrimbo in my life even in the Mob, I always managed to a Scotsman as my opposite number willing to do Chrimbo if I did New Year.
  7. I forgot about the 27th, 28th and 29th-30th Dec didn't I?

    Doing them as well.

    Yippee Kye Ay motherfuckers.

  8. I'd forgotten it was Die Hard season again.

    Rolls around so quickly these days . . .
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  9. Gorralot of Christmas telly to stare at.....please Lord - NOT The Great Escape!

    Night Shifts suck pus filled boils.

    One day I will actually get a life.
  10. Given that 98% of whats on the box over Chrimbo is repeats ... its got to be a fair bet! Look on the bright side ... Mrs MG will want to watch the re-run of the re-run of the Polar Express / A Christmas Carol / The Soddin Snowman (with or without his stuffin dog). What ever happened to the Boxing Day afternoon James Bond!
  11. I like watching the Polar Express with the Grandkids, whilst they are still young enough to believe. Mrs Sumo as booked us and the 5 Grandkids onto a Polar Express train ride from Oakhampton Station, apparently a very good event, It better had be for the price?
  12. Actually I like Disney's version of "A Christmas Carol" truth to tell ... don't need to excuse of the Grandkids to watch it! :rolleyes:
  13. Working Sundays 21st and 28th plus Sunday after New Year. Same thing every Christmas, three weekends f**ked up just to get two days off....
  14. Do not need Grandkids as excuse, just the best way to stop misses Sumo’s endless list of stupid jobs that need to be done. Commonly known as if she is up doing stuff then so should I
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  15. Haven't seen ELF yet? That's when chrimbo starts in the Harrier house and Friday at 15:00 of course

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  16. Elf gets at least one showing at Christmas time, great movie.
    One of the guys at work saw a sign outside a pasty shop saying, best pasty winner, he went in shouting congratulations you did it! They were obviously not Elf fans as they looked at him as if he were mad, it was pointy hat land.
  17. Ahh ... now he should have gone in shouting Piskie!
  18. I've got a half day on the 23rd and off until the 5th of Jan! Can't come soon enough...
  19. Second best thing about ELF

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  20. I feel your pain! Unfortunately my grandkids are miles away - certainly not within easy visiting distance and due to No2 son's working schedule we wont have that pleasure ... plus the fact that ex Mrs MG is right on their doorstep so any appearance by yours truly would not be appreciated as would only serve to inspire her to give No2 son grief for the festive season - so I suppose I am doomed to have the list of jobs that have to be done with the utmost priority presented to me!

    I'm just waiting for the Xmas edition of the Radio Times to be published so I can plan my festive season viewing! ... or perhaps set the record!

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