Working On The Chain Gang

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TattooDog, May 13, 2007.

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  1. According to the BBC, Network Rail are using convicts to lift & shift during rail repairs.

    BBC Article

    I suppose it's one way of cutting costs!

    Now let's see them doing road repairs, picking up litter, cleaning graffiti, digging ditches etc wearing orange boiler suits and chains!
  2. if its true, its about blinkin time!!
    I agree, get them doing all sorts. How about going round the parks picking all the dog eggs up :)
  3. Make sure they dinctsictive pink boilersuits like they do in the States , And nice Chainmail so they cant run away , poor lambs , twats , :twisted:
  4. plenty of building regeneration and road building projects for them to assist with.Its about time they gave something back to the Community.
  5. Here in the backwaters of North Carolina, it isn't a bit uncommon to see work gangs of prisoners picking up litter along the states highways. The inmates aren't chained together so technically its not a "chain gang". However, each group of prisoners are guarded by two NCDOC (N.C. Dept. of Corrections) officers armed with 12 gauge semi-auto shotguns. The inmates get fresh air and the litter gets picked up. A win win for everyone involved. The unofficial motto of DOC guards is: "Run and you will just die tired"

  6. excelent , bring it on , course the Human Rights ********* led by Cherrie fxxxxxxxxg Bliar's matrix would fight it all the way . Steam rising aarrgg

  7. I hate to piss on your parade Dondon but the entire US prison system is rotten to the core. I frequently see the gangs out working on the roads. Mainly blacks and PWT. White collar criminals go to country club prisons if they are given any jail time at all. Here in Texarse the scandal of sexual abuse of the young kids in the prison system is pretty sickening and covered up at most levels of government. All of the 22 Texas State Juvenile Prisons are under investigation. Even the thick as shit, born again, bible thumping, waiting for the rapture, Billy-Bob, red-necks were a little surprised that officials could sexually abuse young kids and not be charged with any offence. Go figure.

    HOUSTON — The entire governing board of the Texas Youth Commission resigned Friday, the latest fallout from reports that officials covered up claims of sexual abuse in state detention centers.

    Last month, the Dallas Morning News and the Texas Observer website reported that a Texas Rangers investigation had concluded top officials at a juvenile center had molested youths in their custody. The administrators under suspicion were allowed to resign quietly, and prosecutors did not charge anyone.

    Lawmakers since have learned that a convicted sex offender was working as a guard at another center, and that an official suspected of molesting juvenile inmates was living with a 16-year-old boy. (The official resigned.) There also have been allegations that detention officials tampered with reports and concealed evidence of violence and sex abuse.

    Extract from LA Times

    The unofficial motto of the TOC guards is "Bend and you'll get a sore arse."

  8. Then why do you continure to work and stay in Texas Bubba? Now your an expert on the US prison systems? I would hope that prison would not be a pleasant experience for the criminals. But do not mix the Texas Youth Authority in with the main prison system. Not the same and I am sure you can find weirdos in any profession. Including the military? I can find you dozens of newspaper articles showing where prisoners are treated to excellent gym facilities, free schooling if the so desire all the way to the college level, color TV and other perks. No more indicative of the US Prison system as a whole in the articles you quoted. No fair and balanced views coming from you.
  9. I think you have all missed the most important point in all this

    Yes get them out working, roads, parks fields mailbags


    Repairing the rail net work, is critical safety work, any mistakes and dozens indeed hundreds could be killed,
    It has to be done by skilled dedicated trackmen
    People that are in prison could not give a damn for their own lives as they have proved, so what interest would they have in critical safety work

    Just who did leave the bolts out of the track at the last two serious death crashes then

    A good idea to give them work, yes they are getting paid £20pw and £180pw banked ready for release
  10. Texas justice isn't so bad.

    Judge Roy Bean passing sentence on a cattle rustler in Langtry, Texas (c. 1880)

    "You have been tried by twelve good men and true, not of your peers but as high above you as heaven is of hell, and they have said you are guilty. Time will pass and seasons will come and go. Spring with its waving green grass and heaps of sweet-smelling flowers on every hill and in every dale. Then sultry Summer, with her shimmering heat-waves on the baked horizon. And Fall, with her yeller harvest moon and the hills growing brown and golden under a sinking sun. And finally Winter, with its biting, whining wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow. But you won't be here to see any of 'em; not by a damn sight, because it's the order of this court that you be took to the nearest tree and hanged by the neck till you're dead, dead, dead, you olive-colored son of a billy goat."
  11. Is Judge Roy Bean still practicing law today?

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