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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Bert Haddock, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Hi there

    I have been told about this forum by some ex-navy/submariner guys I work with and hope that I have some info to help answer some questions.

    I work in the offshore oil and gas industry and fly Remotely Operated Vehicles, or ROV's.
    Over the years I have always been asked the same questions, how to get offshore and what
    can I expect when I get there.
    So to try and answer these questions I have written a 150 page eBook which is stuffed full
    of the answers to such questions. It is biased towards the ROV industry but might be useful
    to those who are just looking for an insight into the offshore industry.

    About 50% of the guys I work with in ROV's are ex-forces which says a lot about how successful
    this side of the industry is for forces looking to move on after they leave.

    I haven’t written the book to make money but to help out those wanting a new start in life
    and career. I have to charge something just to try to cover the cost in getting the website

    It only costs £11.99 so the same as a few beers (isnt beer getting expensive these days?)
    but you may well find out from it if the industry is for you or not.
    So, take a look at the site and see what you think:

    How to get started as an ROV Pilot - an eBook by author Bert Haddock



  2. And of course you will donate 50% of the proceeds to service charitees............................Thought not, now piss off and get your free advertising elsewhere.
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  3. My bold: That website will have cost pennies, the domain name maybe cost you £25. I've no problem with people trying to make some cash or sell a book but at least be honest about it.
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  4. MontyP
    We must get together sometime and write the definitive book on How to become an Royal Navy S.T.C.
    Might not make a fortune but it would be fun:laughing5:

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