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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by RNBYCHOICE_WTRBYABILITY, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Anybody able to give me advice on working in Human Resources Management. I am currently starting to think about various courses that I need to do during resettlement. Just done the CTW at Tidworth and got a few pointers on my CV but need specialist advice on what qualifications I need.

    Cheers. :thumright:
  2. CIPD qualifications are pretty much essential to get anywhere in the HR world.

    I'm not in the HR world, but I do have some contacts in that area, subject to what you want to do in practice.

    Bristol Management Centre ( do some decent courses which might be useful to you.

    PM me if there is anything specific though.
  3. Dear Sirs,
    It was always polite to state the words of of acronyms before using those letters such as CTW and CIPD, that way everyone understands,

    Pissed off Bertie

  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Join the club! I'm also looking at this as a Training Manager/ Learning and Development Manager. I have talked with quite a few civvi managers about this and CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development) Certificate of Professional Practice is the minimum qual needed for a good job, add to this GCGI(HR) available from Collingwood if you have done SRCC and been a Chief for 2 years also Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management available at a discounted rate via Dartmouth's corporate scheme as recognition for being a SNCO for 2 years, and you should be able to step in on a reasonable wage. I've also taken on a few other quals by virtue of my chosen area, see CIPD's website it's full of good advice and appropriate quals- for a significant fee! One of the jobs I've applied for want me to commit to achieve Chartered Status within 2 years and will pay for this if I am willing to put the work in, sounds reasonable.
  5. Thanks Chief, GCGI(HR)?, SRCC?, just trying to keep up, as you do. :w00t:
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Sorry mate, GCGI (Graduate of the City and Guilds Institute) supposed to be a level 6 qualification on the National Qualification Framework ( A degree) but it's really just a Diploma that shows you have received some management training and put it into practice. SRCC is Senior rates Command Course, used to be PO Leadership Course but COMMAND sounds more snappy!
  7. When I left the mob in 2000 I asked around about getting into HR and most people I talked to seemed to fall into it. And also what do you class as HR. I ended up joining a County Council as a Training Asst (subsequently upgraded to a Training Officer) and now run the programmes for NVQ's in Customer Service and Administration and work with a colleague on the NVQ Management programme. Came into the job with a Level 4 NVQ in Human Resource Development. Since then I gained my Cert. Ed. and BA in FE/HE. As for joining CIPD, spoke to my Manager about this and they said it was only worth being a member if looking for a job. a lot of Chiefs/WO's expect to walk into a job on roughly the same wage they are on in the mob, this does not happen or only on the rare occassion. Whatever you end up doing, best of luck for the future, its a big world outside the mob
  8. Assuming you have been in a while and are entitled to Graduated Resettlement Time, the Careers Transition Partnership (CTP) run a 4 week course at the Resettlement Centre in Aldershot which will give you your CIPD Cert in Personnel Practice.

    Since you have done the CTW, speak to your consultant, or have a look at the CTP website, although the course is pretty popular and tends to get booked up quick.

    Useful links:

    CTP Website

    CIPD site
  9. It's an absolute prerequisite to throw the odd acronym into your conversation if you wish to suceed in HR, it makes the other idiots think you're one of them. It also helps at bog standard management levels, watch your troops eyes glaze over as they fail to understand a word you're talking about, mind you, like me, they probably couldn't give a ****. Every e mail I receive seems to contain more shite and you are left thinking "what the hell does that mean"? It's a game , much like phrases such as "think out of the box", blue sky thinking" and " push the envelope", try using "getting an idea". Use the bloody English language, old fashioned as it may be to get your message across.
    My daughter finished her Masters 18 months ago and included in the course was the CIPD diploma, she's never joined the organisation.
  10. Many thanks for all the replies. I will try and stop using TLAs in my next set of posts. Mind you having been in the Mob for a while they come quite naturally. I thought that as this is RR most people would know what the abbreviations were.

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