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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BillyNoMates, Apr 14, 2014.

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  1. I wondered where my collection of TAB's and SOP's went.
  2. He missed my collection of used Razzles so I'm happy.
  3. When you say "used" you mean . . . ?
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  4. "Kostrzewa, wearing a green and white striped shirt, entered a not guilty plea when he appeared in the dock at the court in Torquay town centre this morning."

    He's clearly unfamiliar with the correct rig for a burglar:

    Burglar Bill.jpg
  5. The latest 'Which Sock' was also found to be missing.
  6. I sometimes wonder about where I work. There are a few Eastern Europeans working in the IT department and in export control. I needed access to a particular MoD folder and was told by a "European", that she had to make sure I was British before I could get access! however she is "Divs"!

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  7. They've been around a bit, more like building blocks than magazines TBH.
  8. I've got a laminater y'can borrow...for your favourite pages like. Then - it's simply (as Mr Myagi would say).
    "**** ON! ........... **** OFF!". " (The Karate Kid Parts I, II, III, IV etc). Bit of kitchen towel and your
    bollock yoghurt is wiped away. Your collection of beaver-shots could then double up as unusual place mats
    for family dinners on a Sunday.

  9. Got room for one this Sunday? I'll bring a bottle of plonk.

    What time?

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