Worked on a gash barge but it wasn't really what I had pictured....



Quick question... why don't Navy personnel ( CPO's? ) like being called chief? I'd much rather be a chief than a sir ! Though in all honesty above all I would rather be a Cowboy.
if you call me Chief I'll be happy enough as you'd be reminding me, I keep forgetting.


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Congrats Monty; not only a highly respected and thoroughly responsible CPO now but a Mod as well. How the mighty have risen :thumright:


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Super Moderator
Congrats Monty; not only a highly respected and thoroughly responsible CPO now but a Mod as well. How the mighty have risen :thumright:
I know Monty was on the signal 'cos I saw it but I'm pretty sure the MOD bit will be acting local :)
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