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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. A system currently is being introduced and exists in some areas, where dole scroungers have to attend an employment course in order to receive their benefits. The course must be attended 5 days a week for 50 weeks a year in order to qualify. Basically the course is dull as fcuk with no time off and obviously very little remuneration. It is hoped this will cause the majority of dole scroungers to get a job as the money and time off are better than the shite course.

    In theory this system should work however it is being poorly implemented and many loopholes exist which allow people to get off the course. If it was managed better and implemented properly I could see the system working well.
  2. Introduce into the UK NOW, no arsing about and no do gooders trying to stop it happening. If you sponge, you work else you get sweet FA!
    Only people who have a genuine need should get benefits, i.e the elderly who have paid in for years before retiring, the injured (through no fault of their own, or through war) and disabled.
    Even disabled get out there and work, just look at the Tesco Mongs thread where even though not fully able bodied they get out there and get stuck in.

    Rant over
  3. What a wonderful system, needs rolling out countrywide :p
  4. I see it when I rarely get a day off and pick up my daughter from school. There are 2 dads that go up there, never done a days work, dressed in designer gear (Other halfs dripping in Elizabeth Duke/Argos tack), both smoking. Heard one saying the social was sending a Taxi, so they can go into town and get some cash for school shoes!!! its 3 bloody miles from the Village in Stamford!!!! Maybe they could pick up litter on the way?
    The old classic is, the bloody polish have got all the jobs! Could not work in a factory, would get bored!
    Make them wear a Working For My Dole hi-Viz Vest as well.

    (Only two Dads mentioned as there are only 25 kids in the school, and another 4 don't have Dads at home!!!)
  5. There is a serious element to this which has become a particular problem in the last year. The JobCentrePlus is staffed by people who only understand how to process someone through their system, not how to help them get work.

    Now we all know there are many scroungers who are not qualified to do a damn thing, are unreliable, thick and frankly just need to be processed through the motions.

    However there are a lot of other people who are either mid career and have been made redundant or graduates etc. The JobCentre is completely unable to help these people, the staff don't have the mental capacity to realise that they are not in the same boat as the smelly scumbags. They try and send qualified accountants on a basic arithmetic course, or they suggest minimum wage jobs to someone who was on 40k with a family to support. They need to have knowledgeable recruitment professionals who can actually offer job search assistance and can get the employment market moving again. If necesarry they should contract that aspect out to a national employment firm who have the ability to do it. There are thousands and thousands of high potential individuals who have been the victim of circumstance being screwed over every day by JobCentrePlus in its current form.

    I would also like to suggest an antiseptic shower at the entrance to all Job Centres, and perhaps in bus stations, and Primark, and the Magistrates Court...
  6. Mine was a No - but only because 6 months is far too long on those benefits. Try 12 weeks or less.

    With the fetish for cyclepaths everywhere why not resurrect Norman's Tebbitt's 'on your bike & FIND work' concept?

  7. I believe that 6 months is needed to look for a decent job. In fact for many who were high earners 6 months is really too short, however a line needs to be drawn somewhere.
  8. Seen that first hand Lonestar. I worked (turned up) in the RAF side of the careers office in Glasgow and we used to get people sent down from the Job Center (needed the interview to keep their dole money coming in).

    One bloke who was sent to see the RN lads was a qualified sea going skipper, he was also in his 60's. Not a nice situation to put the poor old bloke in (or the booty Cpl on reception).
  9. I used to work with a girl, who was doing some crappy course at tech - beauty or some rubbish. She dropped out of tech, and quit working where I was to go and work in another shop. Quit there a few weeks later for no reason, and was doing fcuk all. Her dad - who is loaded, drives about in a jaguar, keeps her brand new car on the road, etc - told her she had to look for a new job. He got her an interview in yet another shop, while she decided to go on the dole. She found out how much money she would get on the dole the day before the interview, so she cancelled the interview, on the grounds that she would get more money if she didn't have the job. She pays no rent, and only leaves the house to spend her dole money on clothes, make-up, fake tan, and booze.

    You cannot comprehend just how much I want to beat this girl to sh*t!!!!!

    I can guaruntee you that if she had to do voluntary work this girl would get herself a job faster than you can say false nails, so I'm 100% for it!
  10. Just because someone "WAS" a "professional" does not exempt them from picking vegetables on minimum wage They are not above anyone else

    However I do find that after the professional has lived on his savings down to £6k and the house is to be re possesed, they tend to find the 16hrs pw at minimum wage is a good idea

    We slag the scum who live on the dole and do not take offered work
    and here we have a professional who finds offered work beneath him and does not seek the work unless it is £50k a year

    Welcome to the REAL world

    I meet people everyday, who have gone from £96k salary down to £64 per week for the first 28 weeks Then NIL Until they too are council estate scum.
    The Merc and wifes BMW long gone usually with the wife gone too
    (it is quite amazing how rich ugly people have essense wives :) I wonder what the attraction is )

    The amount of ex chiefs who now collect trolley's in supermarket car parks for £93.28pw just to keep busy like

    Welcome to 2010

    Jack McH
  11. Sli,

    'Decent Jobs' ?

    High earner used-to-bees, like the rest of us 'middle classes' will all have get to get used to the economic reality about to implode on us.

    Cost/Price/Value equations are overdue for a very big change - and we'll ALL have to get used to it.

    Cash in handers, Banco de mattress & spiv markets are only just around the next but one corner.

    Anyone still earning owt will be propping up (unwittingly then unwillingly) those unable to.

    Stand by to stand by some sort of rationing (again) before very long.

    Those that think otherwise? Enjoy the delusion as long as you can.....

    Signed - Optimistic Ostrich
    of Osborne House

    Got any Petrol/Embassy Coupons left from early 70's ??
  12. You say that but it really isn't that easy, an awful lot of professionals cannot get the low paying jobs because they are over qualified. Nobody wants to employ someone who will leave at the first sniff of something better, excess qualifications intimidate some small scale employers. Trust me I have been in that situation, I have been turned down for jobs I could have done in my sleep because I didn't fit the profile they wanted, they wanted someone to be satisfied doing simple tasks and they told me as much when pushed.

    Also I find it ridiculous to say that someone who has worked hard to reach a 40k a year middle management job and has been made redundant through no direct fault of their own should work for peanuts instantly. They should be given help relevant to their situation to help them identify suitable gaps in the market where they might succeed in finding work. The reason they stay out of work for long is not because they are unwilling to work, it is because the service provided by our taxes to supposedly assist in the path to employment is totally focused to minimum wage low skill work.
  13. There's a significant difference between those who have genuinely fallen on hard times and are using the system as a temporary support and those who are now 3rd-generation benefitscooping pro's.

    I speak from direct experience. Two months of being on benefits out of dire need, Dec and part of Jan, trips to the Jobcentre = looking for work, applying for jobs and watching as (sorry but it's true) the incoherent tracksuit brigade sign on and fcuk off outside for a fag and chat on expensive mobile phones......

    Suffice to say, now gainfully re-employed I did see alot of genuine cases blokes especially with industrial, engineering anddriving experience who were laid off and had families to support.....difference being we were all trying to find a job and most of these kind looked as if they'd actually turn up for work each day.

    Some people are just not employeable,that's the trouble. High as a kite, pissed or can't even talk properly. Mandatory community service in order to get benefits would shake this breed up.

    A programme years ago showed Americans working for woman said it gave her her pride back and she could hold her head up working for govt. support.

    Edited for crap grammar
  14. I've never been out of work. I've been made redundant before. I just got off my ass and found another job. When I did I was offered work with in half hour.

    But then that's my mentality. I'd do shit jobs to pay the bills until I find a more better job. I don't claim the dole until I find something.

    There is always a job people can do, it's having the right attitude to help your self not waiting for a job centre to help.
  15. Good for you.That's a possibility and yes, you look for work yourself , but there is more than one avenue to searching for work and it can take time for some.
  16. I actually think some of you are missing the point when you glibly talk of scrounging dole.
    I am able to work but was compulsory retired from my last employment.
    I have attended three interviews in my period of unemployment since June 2008. I have to date applied for 39 jobs had seven replies and three interviews.

    Question:- Why did you leave your last employment?
    Answer. I was stabbed and had a heart attack, my employer then deemed me incapable of doing the job.
    Short silence, well thank you and you will be contacted shortly.

    Sorry this time we feel that the rigours of this job.
    I hold a LGV1 and PSV (PCV) licence full types which I struggled to get fit enough to pass the treadmill test after my illness. I am a qualified Paramedic and I cannot get employment.
    The DSS have come up with a solution to my unemployment, they have offered me early retirement by way of Pension credits.
    Try telling me I'm a lazy dole scrounger, and my challenge will be without expecting me to move from my present location get me a job.
    I could not move as I cannot sell my house in the present economic climate, and could not secure a mortgage at my age anyway.
    And for all the gobby pricks shouting it's easy to get a job ,
    And not all the young enjoy being unemployed, not all the good young choose to join up. It's time for a reality check for some of you that think the Majority choose unemployment, they do not. I've seen the disappointment of many whilst down the job centre and would not like to be in their shoes.
    I will end my rant by telling you all the compensation for my injuries is set to be circa £200,000, so I wont die friendless.

    Edited to say I do not receive benifit because of my pension, but sign on for my stamp.
  17. Witsend has posted similar stuff at 'Last Post Wins' recently, go look & figure for yourself.
  18. Ratty, whilst Tommo did sound glibbly sanctimonious, don't fret..... or rise to it.

    People's situations are different .Even those who scrounge off the dole for years tend to have reasons- reasons, not many family members threatening one who wants to get on,as it affects the whole familys' benefit money pot......witnessed cases like this in Northumberland.
  19. My rant is by virtue of the fact I am in contact with numerous people I know that think if you are not working you are lazy or do not wish to work.
    There is an old belief that its easier to get work whilst your in work, and its true.
    Until now I would probably subscribed to the lazy bastards point of view, but have had my eyes opened of late. The west Mids has just moved up from worst unemployment area to the next up the list.
    My oppo's son has just come out the Army REME, and cannot find work locally.

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