Work begins on Royal Navy ammunitioning jetty

Once complete, the £18m Upper Harbour Ammunitioning Facility will allow Royal Navy warships to load up with ammunition and will replace the existing jetty, which was built in 1929.
Is that the same one rebuilt in 1953 after the principle of sympathetic detonation was rediscovered?

Gerrit Smit, project manager at VolkerStevin Marine, which is building the facility, said:
Bloody hell! We can't even build a bloody pier by ourselves now. Also, why is it that nothing ever seems to cost less than £10M these days? All Pompey (well, Turktown, actually) needs now is a safe OFJ.

Portsmouth Naval Base Commander, Commodore Rob Thompson, got the construction underway by pressing a button to start the 'driving-in' of the first main jetty piles.
Thank the Heavens that he wasn't on military duties that day. The programme could have been set back by months.
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