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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by trelawney126, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. I feel so calm knowing I have such good oppos on RR.
    I was going to say I feel a warm glow but the last time I said that, there was a smell of fish and some twat set fire to my caravan.:sad5:
  2. It's funny how we form ideas in our minds of how someone would appear if we met them in the flesh and none moreso that yesterday, when I was watching a bit of TV while eating my Vegemite on toast. I switched to Confessions Of A Nurse for obvious reasons but was disappointed to see it was not what I was expecting but a fly-on-the-wall documentary instead. You guys may well have already seen it but the reels of film have only just made it to the Antipodes. Anyway, the program was based in the Black Country and followed the daily routine of a few nurses as they carried out their day-to-day jobs. I contacted an ex CIS guy I know and he managed to translate for me as 'we' followed one particular Brummy lass who was running a side ward, in addition to her main ward and it was the side ward's occupant who got me thinking (as well as laughing, which was naughty of me). The old bloke in there had a hospital gown on but insisted on regularly exposing himself to all and sundry; not just the nurses but other patients and their visitors too. He grew bored with that trick, so started throwing his poo around, which was funny watching the camera zoom in on lumps of turd appearing on the hospital floors. Just to make sure all was well, he then decided to start swearing at the Brummy nurse and accusing her of doing all sorts of things to him. Given the exposing, poo throwing, swearing and dodgy imagination do you think it was wrong of me to conjure up pictures of Rumrat in my head, on his recent stay with the scab lifters? The Brummy accents were the icing on the cake and I had to laugh as I imagined RR's favourite rodent enjoying himself =)

    (PS: I secretly know you would have been as good as gold, especially given your paramedic history and, more importantly, your wife's profession)
  3. Hey Yo,

    Do be saft a Brummijum accent bay a black Country un.^_~

    Don`t be silly a Birmingham accent is not Black Country
  4. You
    think RRat is moonlighting as a Brummy Nurse?
  5. This is a deJa vue post and I am answering it with a safeguard dit.

    Whilst in the Cardiac care unit I was in an isolation room as apart from suspected heart attack I was suffering with a bad dose of food poisoning, which meant I was being "barrier" nursed, and couldn't leave my room.
    On the first day on the ward I could hear one of the nurses saying "Maurice there is no one in good hope trying to kill you."
    This and other accusations were common whilst I was in and the tricks he pulled were almost identical to those you describe.
    His party piece was stripping his bedding into a heap and then emptying his water jug and then his bladder all over it.
    So one day he screams out to all and sundry that someone was going to kill him.
    Without thinking half asleep I bellowed out at the top of my voice "That fuckin someone will be me if you dont fuckin shut it".

    It took two days and two friggin great boxes of chocolates to make my peace with the staff nurse and doctor.
    the rest thought it amusing.
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  6. The 2 dits together are absolutely genius.

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