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Words that make you go all misty eyed

higthepig said:
UP SPIRITS,the very dab.

HP I remember it as "Up Spirits, stand fast the Holy Ghost"

"Cotter all main vents, shut off from diving, assume surface routine, stand by to ditch gash"

which means to the non boaters, we are going home or on a jolly lads.

Ah! Something best forgotten, ditching gash, passing wet leaking bags up through the tower with both donks hauling a full gale of wind down the tower, Oh. what joy...
avoiding_action said:
If you're 3 minutes early, you're 2 minutes late!!!!

Think about it.........

As in "Those what's keen gets fell in previous" and, of course, watchkeepers relieve their oppos five mins early - enough time for a turnover/adjust the eyes etc.
Lingyai said:
End of exercise, return and stow all gear.
Leave...... Leave as per daily orders.
Attention on the upper deck, face to stbd, flag officer plymouth.

being a pompey rating - face to stbd cincnavhome and hms victory - berth FLJ not so good though
Best ever is secure - leave to non duty part(and not being duty)
How about 'Secure from RAS' - can't remember the full pipe becos we Dusties were usually STILL stowing the damn stores when everyone else had gone to their messes!!
MCR Bridge


Finished Main Engines deselect and shut down Port and Starboard Tynes.

Finished Main Engines deselect and shut down Port and Starboard Tynes Sir. Roger

Revert to 24 hours Notice for Sea.

24 Hours Notice Sir - Roger

Put the kettle on stokes !
"Secure from action stations, return and stow all gear"

"Hands to bathe" - particularly if it's somewhere warm and exotic.

"Pipe Down" - can't get enough of those Zed's.

"Leave" - particularly if it's back home.

Also, and especially, the afore mentioned "Bar Keys are ready for collection"

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