Words that make you go all misty eyed

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Skunkmiester, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi there, I've just found this forum and whilst scanning through I noticed someone ask "What's the Buzz?" Crikey, I havent heard or used that term in a while. Made me sit there for a couple of minutes and remember it's use with happy memories.

    I met another ex Bootneck last year working for the same company, we were down the pub spinning dits and he suddenly went "tss tss" (hissing sid for non booty's) I nearly lept out of my skin, funny how a sound or word can bring back memories.

    Anyone got any others.

    I realise this won't mean much to those still serving, it's more for those of us that have been out a few years.
  2. Using VP on your mobile!!
  3. "Sembawang" always does it for me
  4. CHINS

    Drip Sess

    My heart pumps purple p*ss for you! Always liked that one!!

    "One day I was walking along the seafront drinking a Goffer when this big Goffer Goffered me"

  5. "The CO's Rover has turned over in Glen Clova ...Over"

    " If you had a pea in your head, you'd have more veg than brain!"

    First Drill to new recruit, (delivered at a high decibel count.)
    "You've qualified for the first VC in this squad sonny. Your breath smells like a Vulture's Crutch!"
  6. One that still does is for me..."front support position, bend....stretch......"
  7. At the risk of going slightly off-topic:

    For me it isn't a word or words, but a smell: Jet fuel/exhaust
    I was working at a local airport the other day when a Cessna Citation V bizjet taxied past the hangar I was in. The smell of that burning kerosene took me straight back to those days aboard the carrier. That smell permeated everything on the ship; clothing, bedding, and even the food at times!
  8. Beer keys are now ready for collection from the regulating office
  9. What does it for me is the smell of diesal. Took the Navy Cadets down the USS Columbia and the first thing I smelt was diesal. Diesal on a Nuke, you may ask. Yes, they have two big donks for emergency and they had used them to shift berth the previous day. Carry 48,000 US gal of fuel
  10. "mail is now ready for collection " what a sound :D
  11. Finished with main motors and steering fallout harbour stations

  12. "Hands to Procedure Alpha ", [ on returning to guzz after a long deployment , theres no better sight in the world than the breakwater in Plymouth ] ,got back once on the old ARK and were told the harbour was closed due to the mist , two days we sat there , Fxxxxxxxg soul destroying.
  13. UP SPIRITS,the very dab.
  14. End of exercise, return and stow all gear.
    Leave...... Leave as per daily orders.
    Attention on the upper deck, face to stbd, flag officer plymouth.
  15. You were indeed misty eyed dondon although on a more serious note Guzz does have that affect on a matelot's return. I was a Guzz rating on joining due to geographical reasons but had to change to Pompey on joining " boats ". Pompey never had the same affect for some reason,

    That's interesting, not being able to enter harbour because of mist ,given all the modern navigational aids available. I must admit though I always had a twitchy quoit entering Pompey Harbour in heavy fog. " boats " tend to be a little fragile in a collision and those bleedin' fogs in Pompey were real peasoupers

  16. HP I remember it as "Up Spirits, stand fast the Holy Ghost"

    "Cotter all main vents, shut off from diving, assume surface routine, stand by to ditch gash"

    which means to the non boaters, we are going home or on a jolly lads.

  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah! Something best forgotten, ditching gash, passing wet leaking bags up through the tower with both donks hauling a full gale of wind down the tower, Oh. what joy...
  18. Janner I have just noticed I am an Old Salt as you will be when you rpley to this.

  19. Gotta agree with this one :)

  20. Oh happy days music to my ears

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