Word of the Day.

Sorry, Andym, should not have started name calling.

Okay, apply logic. Tele - at or from a distance. Ological - the `O' at the start has thrown me already. All I can come up with is `Thinking at a Distance'.
Come on, someone point out where I've got it wrong.
teleology means the doctrine that there is evidence or purpose and design in the universe or in the eureopean law sense that certain things
are best explained in terms of purpose rather than cause

That will be £300 plus VAT please
Here's a word just for Rosie: FACTORTAME

It was the first piece of case law I studied when I went on a 2-day civil service course introducing EU law several years ago. Nobody else volunteered to go, so off I went - I was the most junior ranking person there (and the only librarian) :lol:


Lantern Swinger
andym said:
In a belated attempt to improve you hignorant bunch,lets have a Word of the Day!
Hokay, how's about TRANSMOGRIFICATION. It's a process that a female goes through once she joins the Navy in the WRNS. I know, because I was told by an old and boldy donkeys years ago. Never knew what he was on about, but it sounds technical don't it? :lol: :wink:

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