Wootton Basset

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Handler, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Today sees the end of the repatriations. The people who live there have done a wonderful job in showing us all just how important it is to remember those who fell.
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  3. Are you still crying about that? Cunt was right.

    Wouldnt be very effective if we pissed our pants and sobbed all the time would we?

    Stiff upper lip, you massive minge.

  4. You really are a loathsome piece of work, showing compassion is not a sign of weakness. You should keep your offensive gibberish in the appropriate section of the forum as opposed to continually contaminating the serious bit.
  5. Are you crying too you fanny?
  6. Makes me laugh that those who go to Afghanistan and fight/ do their job, the soldiers the likes of Cunt on here who see their oppos killed and taken back in a coffin get given grief for not crying like the those that are sat at home and watch the same coffins go through Wootton Bassett from their arm chair.

    So who really has the compassion??

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  7. Would that be one of those nervous laughs that people give out when they are unsure how to react?
  8. Assumption is the mother of all fuck up's.

  9. It was a question not an assumption.
  10. tommo, nobody is giving anyone grief for as you put it 'not crying' what I take exception to is the personal attacks by the moron element that resides here hiding behind their epithets and anonymity and it is time the moderators got to grips with it or handed over the responsibility to someone who is consistently fair- minded and even-handed.

    As for the armchair bit, there will be members here who have lost oppos in conflicts other than Iraq and Afghanistan and we all deal with it in our own way.
  11. Total bollox.
  12. So why tell MLP, CUNT in previous posts the dribble that you did, if you weren't giving them grief. As you said people deal with it in different ways, however it's their oppos currently going through the likes of Wootton Bassett, after all it is only a town and as Jim said as long as the same respect is given else where it doesn't matter where they get taken. It's te people in the coffin's that deserve the the tears not the town

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  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Sorry for not being online 24/7...no seriously. Although the thread is a bit 'ugly' I can see where MLP etc are coming from. Wooton Basset's gestures are appreciated but only unique because of the repatriation route. WB have been awesome but any town on route would do the same. They are not teaching us or reminding us of how to remember the fallen, we've been doing it since long before the fallen were routed through WB. The Cenotaph isn't new. MLP's expression, 'grief whores' is a fair description of some posters. I may merge the WB threads in the Gash Barge. Oops, someone has beaten me to it.

    Respect the fallen, not the grief whore posters, personally connected or not.

  14. You know MLP and that cunt personally do you?

    Of course it's the dead that deserve our tears, show me where I have ever said otherwise?

    I am merely pointing out that WB has represented us all when they turn out and ipso facto deserve our gratitude.
  15. Actually I do know MLP personally having served at Culdrose together and I've spoken to CUNT on personal level many time to say I know him.

    I take it you don't!

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  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    From your quote's below your not convincing anyone! Not unless you were meaning a different logon?

  17. witsend,

    My you have been busy, I am not out to convince anyone about anything, I am just putting my point of view across. As you seem to be impressed with my work please feel free to quote me whenever the fancy takes you.
  18. So all that's missing is the cauldron and pointy hats.
  19. Maybe a little out of order here but Wooton Basset became something of a shrine to the fcuking wanabees that either never served or saw fcuk all of the terrible detriuos of combat when they did, the compassion our guys deserve is from family, friends and fellow servicemen and women not a bunch of I want to be on tv cnuts.
    As someone who has had to put my shipmates in bags to send them home to their families I for one would hope that dignity and privacy in grief prevails.
  20. My take on this, my opinion is one of non service personal experience, its a family point of view when losing family member and a close friend.

    When i lost my friend last year when he was shot in Afghanistan and died in hospital over here we grieved, tears in bed at night, and tears in the pub with mates, then when he was buried in our local church the Town stood still, shops closed, pubs shut, factory's fell silent and he was given a Military burial after a route through the streets he grew up. What Wooten basset has done has been brilliant, they have shown respect at all times and gave the homecoming of the fallen a journey that is appreciated by all, but any route, town, city or filed will do the same, i never thought my town would do it but it did, and hopefully never again, we should remember and do all we can as a nation when our men and women are killed in any war or incident, they are at the end of the day, protecting us sat at home. So bring them home in respectable style.

    Then the family will grieve in there own way.

    Well done Wooten basset, made me proud to be English. Not many things do these days.


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