Woooooow, carry on and I'll drop you.

and hers me thinking you were talking about playin on the kids swing,, i always end up on the kids trampolene...
blobs fone a mate if you need to.........
polariod said:
golden_rivet said:
If you can do it in a hammock I'm sure it's possible on a swing ...


icantfly said:
wet_blobby said:
Oh, I am so fcuking close to doing something I shouldn't.
It's happened before, big swing, beers in the evening...
Can you really do that on a swing? :hump:
It is!!!!!!!!! :dwarf: :dwarf: :thumright:
LOL Daddy Polaroid, I'm shocked!! And I thought sheep would have a hard time balancing in a hammock? o_O :biggrin:
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