Wooo! I Got My Dates!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Saba12321, Dec 19, 2006.

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  1. Hey Guys

    I Finalllllllly got my dates - 29th April 07, so i get crimbo and my 20th in liverpool! But Dam i cant wait that long :(

    Ill be doing ET(WE)

    oooo i get to hand in my notice soon..... :lol:

  2. Well done Saba!at least your spelling is up to scratch for an ET(WE) LOL!
  3. Good things come to those who wait !!

    Congratulations on getting your dates through :D
  4. Thanks Guys...

    looks like im gonna have to live life to the full untill then ie: drink and get laid!
  5. Good job Saba, spend the time between now and then getting yourself fit & the rest is a cakewalk. :D
  6. congrats am still strugglin lol!
  7. Ive heard that if you thought the PJFT was a easy Raliegh wont be too tough. Is this true?
  8. First let me say congratulations! I wish you the best!

    I only wish I had a joining date, but I've yet to even submit my application (Waiting for my Army discharge docs to come back)

    Secondly - Prepare for the biggest shock of your life!

    Basic training is not meant to be easy and it will be very hard!

    There will be times where the 'home comforts' will set in and you'll be thinking of your nice lie-ons back home, your mates and down the pub, etc. But when those thoughts set in, you need to think of something in particular. It sounds as though you have utter contempt for your current employment so I will recommend the thought of doing that the rest of your life nourishing you should you feel the slightest of urges to drop out!

    For me, if I get in, I won't need anything like that because I'm already an ex-service person who regrets quitting and I've faced the fears of working in a factory all my life so I won't be remembering the 'home comforts' because I've got plenty of resentment towards them!!!

    Good luck and GIVE IT HELL :twisted:

    Btw, Stuart Gilligan Griffin rules!!!
  9. Cheers man.

    God i miss the pub already.... hahahaha
  10. More or less. Assuming you're male and under 25 years of age you need to do the run in 11 mins 13 seconds at Raleigh.

    Try getting used to getting up at 0530 in the morning - that's the time you get up. (Lights out 2200.)

    I didn't find the change as bad as people make out to be honest. It is strict but not in a bad way if you get what I mean.
  11. Wtf you are officially allowed 7 1/2 hours sleep during basic?

    It was only 6 in the Army - even though I mostly got about 2-3 hours if I was lucky enough not to be doing an all nighter due to the idiots in my section not getting things done!!!
  12. Nice one, I got given my date 21st Jan. Going in as ET(ME). Least you got some good time to train. Get super ready. God bless and Merry Christmas.
  13. If you can get finished by 10pm then you are doing well, my class was small so we often didn't finish until 1am if we were lucky. :( All nighters? Tell me about it! :eek:

  14. was that a crack at me andy hahaha love it.

    well done mate
  15. i got my date for basic april 15th then going in as an MA. do u get any time off after doing basic or do you go into the next part of your training
  16. Saba, Being prone to idiocy in my younger years I ended up doing basic at Raleigh twice (79 & 87) - it certainly seemed easier 2nd time around, although that was probably because I knew what to expect.

    Jess - As for leave - first time I was shipped off straight to Sultan (2 weeks before chritmass leave), 2nd time I got a long weekend before going back to Raliegh for trade training
  17. im pritty sure lights out is 10.30 and you have to be in bed then.
    i found raleigh pritty easy. i was actually disapointed by this as i went there looking to be challenged and in reality i didnt get what i wanted from it. still enjoyed it though.theres no reason why you cant get everything done by 10.30 and have to get up any earlier than 5. and that is only when you have stuff like kit musters.
  18. read lions donkeys and dinosaurs by lewis page to prepare you for the crap state of the armed forces, the profits of civvy companies come first mate not you.
  19. Within my lifetime I can see HM Forces being privatised eg "Combat Solutions (UK) Ltd" in order to create a competitive market for armed forces :roll: :roll: :roll:
    Would you put it past New Labour?
  20. No dunkers, the powers that be still need people to die on the cheap for HM government, the rest will be put out to tender as it will always cheaper to send a uniform to conflict than a strawb

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