woolly pullies

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Flash-Andrew, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a white (or thereabouts) wooly pulley? - mine's all shrunk and my belly's got bigger. Need an XL (44" chest)

  2. Bloody Hell I have still got mine from 25 years ago,so whats that worth I wonder ??

    Although I would never part with it.
  3. Well I heard from Sotherby's that your special sock fetched £150 at auction last month, from an anonymous buyer, so it must be worth quite a bit! :wink: :grin:

    Did I pay too much for it do you think? ....Oops... :oops: :roll:
  4. There is mention of it as:

    Looks like one to me!

  5. I see none of them sell with the submariner included. At £50 I'd have expected a choice of matelots! :wink:
  6. Thanks for all the ideas.
    I still have mine as well, but I can't get in it any more :???:
  7. Still got 2 white woolies from sweeprs back in the 60's plus 3 pairs of seaboot sock in good nick :wink:
  8. Hey Nicks............see you're from Littlehampton. That was my home town, would really like to make contact with you, I haven't seen the place for 20 years :wink:
  9. Littlehampton...has shrunk!
  10. No problem mate.
    Its now the Eastern Europeon capital of West Sussex !!

    Just PM me anytime and I will do my best to update you.
  11. So you have noticed I am slowly selling off all my kit with Man Stains included !! :shock:

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