Wooka Wookas at Helmand

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. Andrew Nield on the Politics show today, said in Helmand the septics have 8000 men and 120 Wookas, Brits 8000 men and max 20 Wookas!!!! "say it isnt so Joe" :cry: :cry:
  2. sounds about right.
  3. We have the grand total of 8 Chinook, 6 Sea King, 8 Apache, 5 Lynx in Afghanistan for our force of 8,000 men…

    And yes indeed, the 8,000 US Marines deployed to Helmand have 120 helos allocated just to them, a mix of CH-53's, CH-46's and UH-60's.

    They are able to lift 4,000 troops in one go.
  4. I heard a couple of bits on this on the radio this morn8ing including a government ministe claiming that there was 85% more helicopter capacity now that there was a year or so back. Unfortunately in anothe bit the increase in helo capacity was confirmed but the chap being intervewed also pointed out the number of troops to be airlifted had more than doubled, so in reality more helicopters is actually less helicopters per man. Don't you just love governement spin. Half the story looks good, the whole stary is bloody awful.

  5. What are the rest of them doing?
  6. Put some in depth and undergoing major repairs/mods, 845 cabs doing other tasks and 848 training the aircrew/engineers to go out to Stan.

    We dont have that many mark 4's....

    What people dont understand we have many other tasks to fulfill and afghan is just one of them. And thats all the MOD / foreign office has asked for :roll:
  7. Think it's about time the unemployed got behind the government and donated their hard earned benefits and fork out for a few Choppers.

    Because you can guarantee our government won't do bugger all about the shortage.

    When the Falklands kicked off, the people of the country got behind the forces and dug out to get the task force moving in double time.

    The country is in crisis again but I don't hear any rally cries to give our fighting forces the tools they need to get on.

    The Cougars and Bushmasters are starting to roll out, the Vikings are being modified, but LISTEN, it's helicopters that are needed. Give Westlands a contract and get those mothballed Wessex back in service, there must be Seakings that can be converted into troop carriers sitting at Wroughton or the like.

    Enough speeches, give our lads what they need.

    Rant over!

  8. Chuntering round the hills and dales of Blighty whenever they're is some money in the kitty to pay for the fuel…
  9. I watched that snivelling little parasite David Milliband on GMTV yesterday (mmmmmm - Kate Garraway!!! :p ).

    When asked about the number of helo's in afgan compared to the yanks responded with some tripe about the good thing about being part of a coalition was that we get to share equipment!

    Right, so what you actually mean is, you're quite right, we do not have enough helo's for our boys but we can call the yanks in if we get a bit short!!!

    And what exactly do the yanks borrow from us?

    Seems a little unfair to me? :?

    It would also be nice to see some of the other coalition members doing their bit instead of just the UK, US and Cannucks!
  10. Not to mention feeling some sense of pride in having our own equipment and capabilities, rather than reach for hand-outs and lifts from the yanks. I wouldn't say no mind you!
  11. If Afgan is anything like the other Sandy place then most of the airframes will be spending their valuable hours ferrying various VIPs (politicians et al) and their associated hangers on around the place rather then actually being used for the job. Several times a flight was requested for operational reasons only to be told that there where no aircraft available due to VIP flights - good job we had a back door into the US and their Blackhawks!

    The whole thing about the number of airframes being increased is a smoke screen, as I think has already been stated, the number of aircraft available has increased but then so has the number of troops - therefore less actual helos per man then previously!

    Nothing will happen until the cyclops pulls his head out of his arse and the rest of the parasites in parliament get their snouts out of the trough!
  12. Seriously, the last thing we want out here are anymore 40 year old whores, whose make up is starting to run and her 40 DD Boob job is starting to sag. We would like some new helicopters that weren't built in the 60's, that can lift more than it's own crew and can actually add something to the war effort. It's time to put the venerable King to rest.

  13. They say the last Junglie pilot hasn't been born yet…
  14. INMHO plenty of life left in the Sea King, good workhorse first flew in 69, Wessex wouldnt be far behind :wink: :wink: But better lending some of the Bell range from the Septics 8) 8) 8) 8)

  15. Older than that!

    In 1957, Sikorsky was awarded a contract to develop an all-weather amphibious helicopter. It would combine submarine hunter and killer roles. The prototype flew on 11 March 1959!!!

    50 years!

  16. Was talking FAA :wink: :wink: I stand corrected??? I was on 747 squadron Sea Kings ,stationed at HMS Osprey!!
  17. Correct me if I am wrong, but don't we have another 8 chinooks in mothballs that were earmarked for SF only, but had computer problems?
    The last I heard, they were being worked on to standard configuration but it would take some time.
    The underlying question, however, is if more helicopters were sent out, are there enough trained aircrew available to fly them?
  18. Think you could be right, some Rupert said we have 20 Wookas in total!!!!!!

  19. We have 40 Wokkas plus the 8 that have been sitting around for 7? years because MoD decided it knew better than Boeing how to spec a Chinook.

    Pilots? It's a helicopter at the end of the day, a big one granted, but a rather agile and sporty one, an Apache can't keep up with a Wokka going full chat.

    Their are plenty of Junglie and Puma pilots that could be type converted in fairly short order to fly them or whatever else we sent out to do the job.

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