Wooka-Wooka- and Welding

He needs to keep his noes out of things he knows nothing about. The Wokka was repaired to the highest standards and is perfectly servicable.
Sad though when you think they are using scrap to keep the lads and lassies in the air.

I will pop down to the travellers site and see whan Sean has for sale!!!
Whilst I can understand the anger of Mr Sadler at the loss of his Son Jack, I can not understand his comments about the Wokka.

Jack was killed whilst using a snatch Landrover, the link with a reworked Wokka.

The aviation world have ever since the start of Aviation reworked airframes and engines, There is a world wide trade in reworked Avionics.

I can only think that some Journo, has turned an interview with Mr Sadler into a way of kicking off about the supposed shortage of Choppers.

Now Elmer is in town the number of choppers available to the "Multinational Force" has increased vastly.

We will use Elmers Choppers They will Use our state of the Art Medical Unit.

I await with a heavy heart for the first story of a Wokka hitting the deck killing all 40 onboard!!!!

Journos should just report events it is NOT their job to run the campain, that is why the tax payer pay for the Army, navy & Airforce.

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