Woohooo :)


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Whoo-hoo indeed.

Selection Interview advice:

Some pass, some fail interview. The majority pass eventually even if not at first attempt.

You will be given interview feedback & results the same day.

It's a formal interview, not a discussion, as indicated below.

Simply be honest, there are no trick questions. The interview isn't "hard", it's just an interview.

The Selection Interview itself breaks down into five main areas & lasts 45 minutes to around an hour.

Make sure you switch your mobile off at the interview but also make sure you have the AFCO phone-number so that you can ring them BEFOREHAND, if you are delayed.

Dress smart, be early, bring all certificates & National Record of Achievement. Bring any documentation such as passport Birth Certificate, NHS Card if you did not already provide them to be copied on Recruiting Test day. Bring four colour passport photographs-put your name on the back of each. Also bring any completed paperwork given to you beforehand: eyetest forms, Security Questionnaire etc.

Areas covered in the interview are as follows:


Where were you born, where else have you lived, who's in your family, who lives at home with you, Your home life, What does Mum and/or Dad do for a living, what about your brothers & sisters, your Family's health, family support for your application, any trauma experienced & your reaction to it. Whether you have a partner, how many house moves you've had, how you re-settled, what you do to help at home, how you get on with your family, whether you have dependent children. What health are your family in- oes anyone depend on you to look after them, are you a carer, What do you do to help around the house, Who does your washing & ironing, have you holidayed away from your family, How mature are you?


School attendance, who chose your school, punctuality, achievements, membership of clubs & societies, sports teams, favourite subjects, least favourite, suspensions, expulsions, what did you think if you got a detention, how you got on with teachers & pupils, what results you obtained, what do you think of your results, what did your family think of our reslts, what further education you have attended if any. What consideration did you give to attend further education, How many schools attended. If you left further education arlywhy. Did you represent the school at sports.


How may jobs, why you left, how did you get your job, why did you leave, how you got on with the public, did you handle cash, what responsibilities did you have. How much do you earn, what are your commitments, can you cope on Service pay, do you know how much you get paid, any savings, debts, relevant to new entry pay. Timekeeping, disciplinary record.


Member of any sports clubs, Uniformed Youth Organisations, social life:do you understand drugs policy, what hobbies & interests do you have. Full breakdown of fitness schedule - Physical activity -what/how often/how far & how long established etc. any work related training, related skills/interests, Personal achievements. What is your opinion of drugs. What's the Armed forces policy on drugs. Swimming - how often & how far. Personal admin.


Experience of communal living, ability to adapt to change, attitude to authority, time away from home/family, any experience of responsibility, timekeeping/discipline/truancy, aspirations/motivation-what do you know about the Service & phase two Training knowledge, General Knowledge of service/training. Terms and conditions of service. How much do you earn in training, how long is your contact for, how quickly can you leave if you don't like it.

Relax. Maintain eye contact, be honest, don't slouch. Be yourself.

Good luck.
Thanks Ninja :)

How long do you have to wait for the people at the office to contact you about the selection interview???
The guy at the gym said he were going to fax the form in straight away.


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Ring them up mate dont let them get in contact with you, just get intouch with your Ca tell him you have passed you pjft and he will book you in for an interview if there not fully booked.


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burnsy85 said:
Ring them up mate dont let them get in contact with you, just get intouch with your Ca tell him you have passed you pjft and he will book you in for an interview if there not fully booked.
Spot on.


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cracker89 said:
He told me when i were in for my medical that he would ring me when he got my results through.
they might have a back log then if he told you that, but still ring him up let him know he might just give you a date for your interview you never know.
Well done cracker ...... another step closer for you :)
My son passed his PJFT on the 11th December, he rang the AFCO the following morning just to let them know he had passed it and they told him they would write to him with an interview date. He got a letter from them a few days after with his date which was 25th January (last Monday - he passed :) ).
His interview date would most probably have been sooner ie 4 weeks after PJFT rather than the 6 1/2 weeks wait as the the AFCO was closed for 2 weeks over the xmas period.
Make sure you give them a phone call to confirm they have received your test results and take it from there.
Good Luck
Well done mate, quick question though?

How come I've got a date for my interview (3rd feb) before I've passed my PJFT? I passed my recruit test last friday, and got an interview date straight away. Seems like I'm doing it the other way around to you?


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Well Done Cracker!

Good Luck for the interview!

Great advice and info on this link, just practise answering questions in those areas with family or friends, and get your brain used to the answers to questions so you don't stumble along.

Remember--If you fail to plan then you plan to fail! Corny yes, but true YES :D

All the best
got my date today for selection :) Tuesday 9th!!!
Do i have to take anything with me? As he never mentioned anything on the phone... just said he would see me on tuesday!
Will doooo :)
I do feel a bit of a meanie because the lads i went on my medical with, who passed their PJFT the week after the medical unlike me who decided to wait a bit longer to make sure i passed... are having to wait until MARCH for their selection.

oh well :) haha
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