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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by rod-gearing, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Now my mum and dad are in the old folks home(See own charity post) I trawled thru his garage and came across my old wooden name type issued at Ganges in 71.
    Does the RN still issue these or are they also a thing of the past?
    I also found my old pussers dirk.
    Anybody else lost/misplaced anyrthing only to find it years later.(Virginity doesnt count)
  2. Found my old pay book from '63..interesting to see the entries in there after all this time. Had yer life story all in one!!
  3. Still got my wooden name stamp but pretty certain they're not issued anymore ... another fine messy tradition binned!!

    Still waiting to find all my marbles lost all those years ago. :roll:

  4. Still got mine too
  5. Still carry my little medical record book and keep it up to date
  6. Still have mine somewhere along with my paybook.
  7. Looks like I have lost mine. Unless it has been stolen. Should I contact the police in case I am the victim of Identity theft?
  8. Of course you do andy. How else are you going to remember who you are after a couple of pints?

  9. Still have my wooden stamp. Original kit book got changed in the early nineties when it went from KUA to "one for one"
  10. You need to contact the police URGENTLY!!! We cannot have TWO Slims! 8O

    PS: If they don't issue them anymore, how do people mark their kit? Surely they don't make Raleigh's nozzers sew their name into all their kit! Or do they spend their first week doing precisely that... :twisted:

    Is is still little or have you had extra pages added? :wink:
  11. Think they're mum's have to sew name tags in the back of nix and sox and take some spare ones with them for their rig!!
  12. what about the pussers green cup from raleigh
  13. Now theres a thought! I have memories of those being filled with fuel and thrown at you by the pyromaniacs down at the firefighting school!
  14. I know I am a SOB but some of the items in this thread I have never heard of.

    1. Green Pussers cups; they use to be white enamel, briefly replaced by plastic which were quickly withdrawn when jack found out a sharp tap on the end of a pussers bed upright would remove the small end of moulding disk in the base of the mug. Gravity would do the rest.
    2. Little medical record book?
    3. Kit book?
    4. Name tags, are these printed by Pusser then handed out for sewing on so all have the same font etc.. Is this applicable to all ranks and rates and continuous thru out service as you get new kit.

    I knew of none of this up to 1972. I still have, boot brushes, comforter/scarf(with name stitched in red silk thread), pussers dirk, bosuns call and chain.

    Bemused of Tunbridge Wells

  15. I also still have my issue belt with money pocket and pussers green suit case.
    My ATB died along time ago due to being left on the battery shop floor on the Rothesay for too long.

    Are any of these still issued?
  16. Still possess my name type, brown attache case and boot brushes....and believe it or not I still had my wool gloves, issued to me in Ganges 1954, until last September when I "gifted" them to the Ganges Museum when making a visit there. What a sad b****** I must be!
  17. Still have my name type and my housewife. Still has some of the original needles and thread. Issued in 1963 at Raleigh. My Mrs (ex wren) thinks I am demented for keeping them!
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, it is a shame not all matelots these days show the same pride in appearance as before. You'll be lucky to see decent name badges sewn onto shirts now - the corporate image makers have produced enamelled badges with name/department/Ship's crest on it, pinned on the left chest. Good idea for BOST, but some people seem to think this is all that is required to be work on uniform! Of course, I have embroidered name badges that I got from Brian Gutteridge, legendary Fleet Tailor... :wink:
  19. Come to think of it in 73ish they issued us with Dymo tape name badges with your name and rate on.They didnt last very long.(I think I still have mine plus my Ganges station card.(Badge boy red one)
  20. My tailor has sewn my name into my suit so that when I forget my name I can check what it is in my new suit. That the only way that I can remember that my real name is Cashmere. :wink: :D :lol:

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