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  1. Why is the Type 45 Destroyer the largest ship operated by the RN(excluding air craft carrier, amphib ships) but it has approx 90 people *Less* manning it compared with the Type 42 Destroyers?

    Is this because the better technology in the Type 45?
    Or is it a cost saving measure?

    Im assuming its the first reason?

    Excuse my spelling/grammar. im watching T.V. :)
  2. Eh?
  3. Type 45- Complement: approx. 190, space for 235, providing significantly better accommodation standards than before

    Type 42 - Complement: 287 (Max.312)

    Aircraft - Complement: 726 Ship's company 384 Air Group personnel
  4. Yes, i realised by mistake and corrected it, dont cry over it.

    Now, can anyone answer my original question? :)
  5. Angry person. :?
  6. EyeEyeSailor,i dont think anybody will want to help you now so go ferk yaself ya ferkpig scroat, 8)
  7. I dont actually need helping, i was just wondering. Thats all.
  8. Well wonder down to my ferkin parade ground and go into orbit scumscroat,
  9. English?
  10. You will learn all this jack talk knumbnuts i can promise you that,
  11. Im sure time will tell. :)
  12. Must admit, the bloke's got a point - and it's little to do with jack talk :jocolor:
  13. While im in here.
    Does anyone know what engines/turbines Type 22 Frigates use?
  14. Whats so difficult to understand,For the modern sailor it goes like this Please if you have time can you consider bimbaling down to that rather boring place we call a piece of land where you will do marching things with guns and white silly things called webbing on your uniform and maybe just maybe if it pleases you can you consider walking rather quickly around that piece of land ,now all this is to maybe teach you some manners but dont worry if you dont fancy doing it cos you can flash your yellow card at me,theres a good boy, :wink:
  15. Ferkin big uns, :D
  16. Your a good sport so i wish you luck in you RN career, :D
  17. I could imagine the interviewer asking me this.

    Interviewer-"So what engines do the Type 22 Frigates use and how do they work?"

    Me- "Well, there facken big and the do vroom"
  18. Please will you teach it me? 8O :wink: :D
  19. :D :D :D

    Ps sorry,i didnt realize you were preparing for an interview, 8)

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