Wondering if I could be a Warrant Officer

Wondering if I could be a Warfare Officer

I'm wondering how competitive joining the RN as a Warfare Officer actually is?
My GCSEs were not too great, but I did manage to pass English language, literature and Maths all at grade C and ended up leaving with a total of 11 GCSEs. However, I didn't manage to pass Science or geography, will this ruin my chances completely of joining?

I'm planning on going to University and studying Business & Marketing/ Advertising, just in case all else fails and have a back up plan.

But realistically, what are my actual chances of being selected and going onto training.

P.S I'm pretty certain I will be able to manage achieving the 180 UCAS points they ask for


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Now, I'll admit to having been outside for a couple of years or so, but I'm pretty sure one cannot join up as a Warrant Officer!!

Did you possibly mean Warfare Officer? Made me giggle though.
Welcome to Rum Ration, CJ.

With 5 GCSEs including English and Maths and 180 UCAS points, you should be OK vis-a-vis the academic requirements.

The main hurdles you will face are those which face all candidates for Warfare Officer.

You will need to reach a minimum score in all four sections of the psychometric test:


Pass a medical.

Run 2.4 km in an acceptable time.

Pass a Sift Interview with the Area Careers Liaison Officer.

Pass the AIB with a good score which puts you in the running when candidates who have passed the AIB are being selected for a place at BRNC:


If you can navigate the above, you stand as good a chance as anyone else.
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