wonderful meal out in Lancashire

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by golden_rivet, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. golden_rivet

    golden_rivet Supporters - GCM

    Have just had the most amazing meal out near Clitheroe (Lancs). The Craven Heifer, Chipping Road, Chaigley. Delicious food eaten looking at a stunning view of Pendle Hill. I can heartily recommend it.


    p.s. For starter had black pudding with home made chutney followed by Turbot with all the trimmings and for puds white chocolate bread and butter pudding with ice cream and crystallised orange. (No booze cos I'm on botics for me rash) Mmmmmmmmmm time for a sleep now ..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Canaldrifter

    Canaldrifter New member

    A rash you call it..... do tell more.... :grin:
  3. Lamri

    Lamri New member

    I got a rash.
    Its called PVL :(

    But that scran sounded very nice mate :)
  4. golden_rivet

    golden_rivet Supporters - GCM

    hmm - I'd have thought you would be more interested in food at your age CD :shock:
  5. mikh

    mikh War Hero

    GR, you sound suprised that you can get a decent meal outside of the smoke.
  6. 2badge_mango

    2badge_mango War Hero

    Misread the heading. Thought it said "wonderful meal out OF Lancashire".

  7. slim

    slim War Hero

    Obviously CD thought you were talking about a Rash..er of bacon :smile:
  8. Anyway, tell us how your rash is doing. When was it spotted? and I just know that you are itching to tell us about it.
  9. dondon

    dondon New member

    Rash rash rash , thats it , no fxxxxxxxxxg chance , Meal sounded ok though , especialy the Black Pudding ,
  10. F169

    F169 New member

    Hey up. Na then, then. By eck, we dont want an invasion of God's country by bloody Southerners. 'Twas them that gave away Greater Manchester and Merseyside and that bit in Cumbria!

    GR - If you get the chance try some meat and potato pie. Turbot is a bit scarce around those parts now - bet it didn't come out of the Irish Sea!
  11. golden_rivet

    golden_rivet Supporters - GCM

    Just a quick roundup ... rash is connected to chlorine and is much improved ... I'm a northerner who happens to live in the south unlike some of you stick-in-the-muds I can make a smooth transition between the two ... no chance??? gosh Dondon I'm obviously devastated. Slim - organic bacon if you are popping out please :wink:
  12. fishmiester

    fishmiester Banned

    South West approaches

    Have just had the most amazing meal out in the CPO's Dining Hall, delicious food eaten looking at a stunning view of the Chief Stoker. I can heartily recommend it.


    p.s. For starter had bacon Sandwich with Brown sauce out of a sachet followed by a cup of tea with all the trimmings and for puds ...... well bugger all really. (No booze cos I'm on Watch) Mmmmmmmmmm time for a sleep ..... in 8 hours time zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. Karma

    Karma New member

    I thought you were a weaponeer ;)
  15. fishmiester

    fishmiester Banned

    I am but somebody has to be up to ensure the provision of 6 sky channels, full internet and off ship E mail to the ships Co. :wink:
    Plus we get to see Father Famine off as well
  16. Karma

    Karma New member

    And to point out the brightness control on the displays to the PWO(A) ;)
  17. fishmiester

    fishmiester Banned

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes

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