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Wonder if this will catch on in the RN?


War Hero
Looked like a clone of a pissed SR at the widows hop to me.

Wot's divisions?
Divisions is a time honoured ceremony which if done to the book, takes a shower of twats, lines them up marches them around in never decreasing circles to make them look even bigger twats.
GI's love it.


War Hero
Last time on divisions I got a kit muster..

Gold ring dickhead tried that on my lad divs, said I looked like a scran bag, submariner after all, with only 6 weeks left in mob, I told the dick head in Gold rings, if he would sign a chit telling the Chief (SA) to supply me with new kit that fitted properly, I would sort out his muster, he never came back?

Even at Royal Arthur my Nos 1's not in great nick, all the 2 ringer on Divs said was at least it looks better than you No2's. When asked by the visiting lots of rings, (i was only submariner) who was more important Defence minister or FOSM I told him FOSM as he had more direct control of my pay rises, he called me an insolent submariner, bloody cheek I thought.


War Hero
It could revolutionise the Aircraft Handlers Branch.

Visions of the new aircraft carriers recovering F35's with those robots directing them on deck!!! Chockheads beware!!!!!!:walk:


War Hero
A fair effort and a good cause.



War Hero
Just looked like submariners at divisions to me.

Oi you! This is your second anti submariner post today - what's happened? Couldn't watch Jeremy Kyle 'cos Das Boot was on or something?

Be nice to us/them. Even submariners need hugs.

Ask Wrecks!


War Hero
Super Moderator
Oi you! This is your second anti submariner post today - what's happened? Couldn't watch Jeremy Kyle 'cos Das Boot was on or something?

Be nice to us/them. Even submariners need hugs.

Ask Wrecks!

I don't want some crotchety old fart with a piss stain like a map of Africa on his trolly's near me TVM.
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