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Doner Kebab Inventor Kadir Nurman Dies

Tributes have poured in for the "inventor" of the doner kebab, Kadir Nurman, who has died in Berlin at the age of 80.
The Turkish immigrant created the popular fast food after he established a market stall in Berlin in 1972.
Having noticed the fast pace of city life, Mr Nurman thought people might enjoy a meal they could eat on the move.
The doner kebab was his solution. The meal has since become a staple among late-night revellers, students, and diners generally.
Mr Nurman was widely credited as being the inventor of the popular meal. In 2011 he was recognised as the creator by the Association of Turkish Doner Manufacturers.
Hundreds of kebab-lovers around the world took to Twitter to express their sadness at Mr Nurman's passing.
"R.I.P. to Kadir Nurman the inventor of Doner Kebab," Twitter user Halil1905 wrote on the social network.
"Let us mourn the loss of this absolute legend. I shall feast on kebabs in his honor," user Cameron Nations added.

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And from Wiki

Before taking its modern form, as mentioned in Ottoman travel books of the 18th century,[SUP][3][/SUP][SUP][4][/SUP] the doner used to be a horizontal stack of meat rather than vertical, probably sharing common ancestors with the Cağ Kebabı of the Eastern Turkish province of Erzurum.
In his own family biography, İskender Efendi of 19th century Bursa writes that "he and his grandfather had the idea of roasting the lamb vertically rather than horizontally, and invented for that purpose a vertical mangal". Since then Hacı İskender is known as the inventor of Turkish Döner Kebap.[SUP][5][/SUP][SUP][6][/SUP] With time, the meat took a different marinade, got leaner, and eventually took its modern shape.[SUP][4][/SUP]
The Greek gyro, Arab shawarma, and Mexican taco al pastor are derived from this dish.[SUP][7][/SUP]
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