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1st of july

so currently training in wolly hat, scarf gloves etc to get used to the heat!

Thanks to all who have already sponsered me, and to all thoughs who haven't give a quid you own't miss it :D
Thanks to all thoughs who have sponsered me so far, made it over the half way mark of my £100 total this morning, feel free to forgo the lottery for a week and give COMBAT STRESS your quid instead
Just donated to this very good cause. If you run for Combat Stress again next year I'll sponsor you again. Keep training & best of luck on the day!
Thank you guys

Couldn't belive it when I logged on this afternoon to see I'd made my total, really hummbled me and not ashamed to say it brought a tear to my eye. I've upped my total as I've not even printed my posters to go round college/sea cadets yet, let alone ask friends and family yet!

:lol: :D

for thoses that have big thank you, for thoses that haven't .....go on you know you want to 8)
:angel4: Just thought I'd give myself a little plug as the run draws ever nearer, big :glomp: 's to eveyone who has given so far and for all thoses that haven't it's a good cause so dig

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